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The Dead Men
aka Alex Gordon & Friends

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The Dead Men is the new psychedelic, electronic, guitar-based band from Los Angeles currently being produced by Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3. Alex Gordon, renowned electronic producer, is at the core of The Dead Men. The seeds of The Dead Men were planted a few years ago in the underground clubs of Los Angeles.

Beginning with his guitar driven, dark alt-rock band, Loomer, and throughout his work as a recording engineer for celebrated hip hop producers including Daz and DJ Pooh, Los Angeles recording artist Alex Gordon has "succeeded producing a sound as diverse and expressive as his influences." A long-time fixture in the Los Angeles indie-rock scene, Gordon left LA for Tokyo in 1997 to perform in the post-modern production of Dream Angels, the Japanese multi-media extravaganza. After performing in nearly two hundred and sixty shows, Alex Gordon returned to Los Angeles to begin production on his first full-length album as a solo artist, Small Craft Warnings. The album was greeted with widespread critical acclaim upon its release in 2001. While some compared his instrumental album to other electronic greats such as Plaid and Mouse on Mars, the San Francisco Examiner proclaimed, "Gordon kisses us on one cheek and slaps the other... the combined sweetness and sting leaves you begging for more."

Alex Gordon's newest project, The Dead Men, is a collaboration with his former touring bandmate, Edward "Word" Sterrett. Sterrett accompanied Gordon on turntables, filters and synthesizers on both coasts for the Small Craft Warnings tours and also co-produced Warm Tuesday, Gordon's follow-up to Small Craft Warnings. Realizing a strong chemistry, Gordon and Sterrett kept their electronics intact, grabbed their guitars, and evolved into The Dead Men. "Word sees within and around a track and brings forth just the right creative touch to twist it into life," says Gordon about his new partner. "He is a visionary with an equal measure of respect and disdain for tradition. Word is the perfect musical foil."

As The Dead Men, Gordon and Sterrett have recorded a 5-track EP entitled "Three Square EP." The Dead Men are currently in the studio finishing their first full-length album, The Dead Man CD. The album is being engineered by Rob Campanella, known for his work in the TYDE, Beachwood Sparks, and Brian Jonestown Massacre at Figment Studios/Committee Headquarters in Los Angeles.

Most recently The Dead Men have been working in the studio with the talented Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom of the revered English psychedelic rock band Spacemen 3. Sonic Boom has been providing his distinctive and inspired production skills to The Dead Men's The Dead Man CD. In the rarified studio air, the three musicians have managed to work wonderfully together. In December 2002, after listening to a copy of The Dead Men's recent "Three Square EP," Sonic decided he wanted to remix three tracks off the EP. After Sonic Boom finished remixing "Three Square EP" in his studio in Rugby, UK, Sonic flew to the US to produce The Dead Men's album, "The Dead Man CD." "Sonic Boom is an inspired producer. He worked very hard and brought out strong compelling performances from both me and Word," recalls Gordon. "Sonic fit seamlessly into the chemistry that Word and I possess. Sonic was able to take our performances to a different level. He has a playful and dynamic production mind and he becomes fully involved in our recordings on so many different levels; as producer, mixer, arranger and player." Sonic Boom hopes to join The Dead Men on special US tour dates in support of their new album, The Dead Man CD, due to be released fall 2003.

As part of their live performance show The Dead Men are joined on stage by visual lighting designer Michael Allen ( Allen's immersive visuals are well known throughout Texas and Southern California for their unique, rich imagery, adding a stunning backdrop to The Dead Men's exciting live performances.

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