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Marvin Ayres’ Ambient Classic CDs
Cellosphere, Neptune and DVD Sensory


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Los Angeles, CA - UK-based composer and contemporary film score writer, Marvin Ayres (, released two seminal albums around the turn of the century on Mille Plateaux’s 'classical' imprint Ritornell to great critical acclaim. The first release in 1999, Cellosphere, was said to be, “so beautiful and moving… amazing,” by Scanner, and The Wire wrote, “The sonics are poetic and stimulating.” Ayres’ next release, the electro-acoustic Neptune was called “An awesome piece of music,” by DJ Magazine and Future Music described it as, “Moody classical strings that warrants an in-depth investigation.” Neptune is an enhanced CD including two films - a promo feature for the track 'Under Blue' and some live footage of Ayres’ performance at the Camden Remix. Though Mille Plateaux was a well-respected label internationally, Ayres is excited to reintroduce these two albums to a new crop of listeners especially in the United Stated via the Burning Shed ( web site in the UK and The Artist Shop ( in the US.

In addition to the two albums, the DVD Sensory is also available. “Sensory” is a collaboration between composer Marvin Ayres and filmmaker Pete Gomes. Conceived specifically for DVD, it is intended to work as both a public space installation and as something that could be viewed domestically. Utilizing electric cello and violin instrumentation, the music was composed using surround sound and subsequently mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. The Ayres/Gomes filmic installations have been screened at prestigious events and galleries internationally in such cities as Barcelona, Kiev, London, Madrid, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Vienna. (Note: the DVD will not work on US DVD machines but will on computers with DVD capabilities).

Marvin Ayres is a recording artist/composer who specializes in strings. Fusing ambient and classical techniques by subjecting his own solo cello and violin performances to electronic treatments, Ayres produces a unique and emotive sound. He creatively straddles the disparate worlds of commercial and classical music, and has developed a distinctive and innovative style often referred to as ambient orchestral music. He has also been working in the field of relaxation environments, using DVD surround sound.

The composer, cellist, pianist and violinist has recorded music as stylistically diverse as ‘Ambient’ and ‘String Design’ albums, and produced sensual Jazz and film soundtracks, combining his classical technique with improvisation and exploration in new technologies.

A graduate of Trinity College of Music, Ayres was a founder member of the cult band The Government and has toured extensively throughout Europe. He made solo contributions to other bands and solo artists throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, notably members of Culture Club, Simply Red, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Neil Conti and Prefab Sprout.

Ayres’ reputation as producer and performer came to the attention of fellow Mille Plateaux stable-mate Jaki Liebezeit (ex CAN), who invited him to re mix tracks and tour with Liebezeit’s band Club off Chaos in early 2001.

Ayres is currently commissioned by Einsturzende Neubauten’s electronica music publishers Freibank, and his compositions have been featured on four of Freibank’s For Films albums.

Marvin Ayres co-produced Sonja Kristina’s (former Curved Air) ambient jazz album Cri De Coeur released in 2003. After completing this album he and Kristina continued to record together and explore new musical ideas. They are now collaborating with audiovisual artist Outerbongolia (Pirate TV, Ninja Tune, Coldcut) in an ongoing audio-visual project for live performance and DVD entitled MASK.

In addition to his work with musicians, Ayres also collaborates with visual artists. In 2000 the prestigious ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London commissioned him to compose and produce their first ever DVD exhibition. The two pieces that resulted from this (“Sensory” and “Cycle”) incorporated spatial and psychoacoustics and were composed specifically for 5.1 Surround Sound. Also, his collaborative film “Scape” is part of a permanent exhibition at The Tate Modern in London.

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