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Tino Corp. Releases Meat Beat Manifesto's

Storm the Studio R.M.X.S.

With Remixes by Antipop Consortium's High Priest, DJ Spooky, Merzbow, Scanner, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Komet, The Opus, Jonah Sharp, DJ Swamp, Eight Frozen Modules, Norscq, The Mellowtrons and M.B.M vs. D.H.S.

San Francisco, CA - Independent label Tino Corp. released Meat Beat Manifesto's Storm the Studio R.M.X.S. album on September 23, 2003. Meat Beat Manifesto's now classic first album, Storm the Studio was initially released in 1989. Here, it has been remixed and "re-animated" by a diverse and highly respected group of artists/producers in the spirit of the original record's core amalgam of hip hop, dub, electronic sounds and hard beats.

Storm The Studio R.M.X.S. features 13 exclusive remixes by electronic artists including experimental hip hopıs sound activist, High Priest of Antipop Consortium, conceptual beat-merchant DJ Spooky, beloved noise-guru Merzbow, technology terrorist Scanner and of course, sound manipulation master, Meat Beat Manifesto vs. his Tino Corp. partner, D.H.S aka Ben Stokes. As this project evolved, it became clear that there was an eclectic array of artists for whom Storm the Studio had been a special part of their spin-bins and subsequently made a deep and lasting impression. The resulting tracks grew out of the contributing artists' enthusiasm towards applying their own creative stroke to the original music... a masterful and cohesive tribute in this wholly engaging set of outstanding R.M.X.S. (see table for details)

The original Storm the Studio was written and recorded following a studio fire that consumed the master tapes slated to be MBMı's debut album. Over the years,Storm the Studio has come to be considered by many critics and fans as a vital and influential album in the indie music scene. STS is being reissued on Lakeshore\:run recordings this summer along with Armed Audio Warfare, both with new packaging and mastering.

Meat Beat Manifesto is Jack Dangers. His constantly evolving musical invention has generated a string of underground classics including "God O.D.", "Strap Down" (both from Storm the Studio), "Psyche Out", "Helter Skelter", "Radio Babylon" and "Edge of No Control." The song "Prime Audio Soup" was featured in the film, The Matrix and on its soundtrack. As a premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, Jack Dangers' credits include: Public Enemy,David Bowie, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails,David Byrne, Bush, The Orb, The Shamen, Depeche Mode and most recently Merzbow.

When asked his reaction to being labeled a pioneer in the electronic music scene, Dangers replied, "I take it with a pinch of salt. I really got into music because people and bands inspired me to do it. I'm a happily demented man living in my own little world, doing something I always wanted to do, and pinching myself every five minutes because I'm still doing it and loving every second of it." In line with such sentiment, one of Dangers' favorite quotes is: "The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all."

Tino Corp. is the label founded in 1998 by Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes dedicated to curating unique beats and sounds and best known for their Tino's Breaks series (Vol. 1 to Vol. 6). Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes have performed as Tino Corp. including live collaborations with DJ Radar and shows with DJ Shadow, Scientist and Rob Swift. Turntablists from around the world have used Tino records including DJ Krush, Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark (J-5), Z-Trip and DJ Quest.

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