Green Galactic, Los Angeles

Without Lynn, there would be no Green Galactic. The suburban-Detroit native originally founded it in 1993 as a record pool (Green House) and a year later a weekly live electronic club (Public Space) came into being. Both are still standing today.

As a promoter, she has presented over 50 spectacular electronic music events with groundbreaking artists like Autechre, Pole, Rockers Hi Fi, DJ Spooky, Ben Neill, Spacetime Continuum, "The Recombinant '96" tour, Claude Young and Phoenecia. As the electronic music genre came into its own, so did Green Galactic. Soon, publicity was added to its functions and then in 1997, partners Susan Mainzer and A.J. Peralta came on board taking the business in several new and exciting directions.

Green Galactic is now a full-blown entertainment marketing, promotion and pop culture consulting company. Besides publicity, Green Galactic provides radio, DJ, event, online and street promotion.

Even with all the expansion, Lynn's underground aesthetic, love of electronic music, and compassionate nature remain at the business' core. It is this true nature that allows her to be one of the most important figures in Los Angeles' dance music community. Her wide variety of pursuits over the last eight years have brought her into contact with more artists, DJs, and indie labels than perhaps anyone in America.

In addition to all she does at Green Galactic, Lynn continues to run Green House Record Pool which was one of the first collectives to specialize in a particular genre of dance music - underground house. It boasts an impressive West Coast-based DJ roster, including Swedish Egil, Robert Oleysyck and Tomas. Pool alumni include legendary jocks Marques Wyatt, Doc Martin, Mark Lewis and Jason Bentley. "My hugest driving force," says Lynn - who's somewhat obsessed with the color green - "is relationships and people. It's the energy I get from that. . .I get high off of it." She admits that unlike her business partners who regularly focus on expansion and goals, she's really more into enjoying each day. "I think it's really important to pursue your own inner voice and strive to please yourself. Finding and maintaining daily happiness makes you more able to help others and be prepared for life's surprises. I love to enjoy the ride and not worry about the destination."

Green Galactic partner Susan adds, "To say Lynn is really plugged into electronic music and has fabulous artist relationships is such an understatement. She is just so creative. Her brain functions really different from others and that's great energy to have. Growing up in the Detroit area (the home of techno) allowed her to develop an innate understanding of the artistry in dance music. Today it remains unmatched by her peers but she's not uptight about it at all." Music that combines different influences - not only Detroit's techno and acid house - but disco, early industrial, and indie rock (i.e. The Police, The Cure, Ministry, Tones On Tail) have always appealed to Lynn. "I still love techno and credit it to why I love the music I do now. I grew up in a conservative element. . . I liked business and numbers and didn't really think I was creative at anything (although she loved to dance and was into music and film)." After high school, she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Television Production at Ferris State University in Michigan where she thought she would become a music video editor and then fell in love with producing. After graduating, she became an Assistant Producer for retail accounts with ad agency McCann-Erickson in Detroit. "Great title, pathetic job." Bartending at the City Club in downtown Detroit on the side kept her in touch with the dance scene she adored. Eventually, Lynn moved to San Francisco where she again bartended at 1015 and dabbled in shooting music videos. There she took a day job at a post-production facility that specialized in editing commercials and music videos. The company transferred Lynn to Los Angeles in 1991 to open up their new facility. After working her way up to Business Manager at this very successful edit house she turned to full-time freelance production work. One thing lead to another and she became partners in a record pool. Shortly after that she found herself the sole proprietor. Soon she changed its name to "Green House", making it truly her own.

A year later came "Public Space" featuring live performances by abstract and minimal electronic artists with inventive visuals and installations. Lynn decided to bring the pool and club together under one umbrella called "Green Galactic." She then took on publicity accounts for Instinct Records, Hypnotic and Shadow. "There's nothing I like more than bringing cool music and art to a wider audience and helping artists or companies get their product to the next level. Helping others achieve their goals is my contribution."

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