Seattle, WA - Aalacho (pronounced “ah-lah-koh”) is the electro-rock creation of Nathan Scott, a songwriter/producer based out of Seattle, Washington. Collaborating with different musical guests from Seattle and beyond, Aalacho’s second full-length album entitled Electro will be released independently on August 17, 2004.

Originally hailing from a rural farming community a few hours outside of Detroit, Michigan, Scott grew up on a steady diet of Motown and Detroit Rock City Metal. “For the longest time, I’d just assumed that mainstream radio meant seventies R&B and Thin Lizzy,” says Scott, ”Until I moved away and learned otherwise.”

Living his own bohemian dream of city-hopping, low-paying jobs, an abandoned Bachelor's Degree and writing experimental novels and stream-of-consciousness poetry (“I was convinced I was going to be the next big literary find of the century” he explains, “so of course I was making a career out of blending smoothies and steaming lattes!”), he decided to celebrate the nineties by packing his bags and heading to Seattle, the Emerald City of Rock.

So, armed with a Korg, a Mac, a second hand Les Paul and a notebook's worth of arguably clever lyrics (while keeping his day-job at the espresso-shop), Scott formed Aalacho, emerging from Seattle’s post-grunge movement in the year 2000 with a lo-fi aesthetic and a decidedly American twist on European dance pop. Aalacho’s debut album, Sugar, was released in November of 2002, and its affectionate blend of ambient-house, retro-techno and indie-rock guitars landed it a 9-week stint on CMJ’s RPM Top 20.

With its new release, Electro, Nathan Scott’s Aalacho takes its cue from the crop of new-wave/post-punk revivalists currently energizing the electronic music landscape. Respectfully cribbing from the likes of Kraftwerk, OMD and The Replacements to create its own audio niche, Aalacho wears its DIY heart on its sleeve and invites the listener into an engaging world of haunting melodies, unpredictable arrangements and a surfeit of shimmering/buzzing guitars.

Working a second time with New York City guitarist Sam McIlvain (Tryst, The Davenports), Aalacho also incorporates a number of Seattle musicians into the mix – Chris “Reemus” Brown of Jasper the Cat, Derek Armstrong of the lamentably defunct The Vacants, and independent vocalists Joe Randazzo, Trevor Hesse and Sarah Severson.

Already hailed as “a crisp and refreshing ride on the second-wave,” Aalacho’s Electro upends traditional pop structures while building efficiently upon its more eclectic influences.

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