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Apryl Lauren

Apryl Lauren is one of those wonderful guilty pleasures that is actually good for you. Singer, songwriter, poet, philosopher, Apryl projects an eclectic, unblinking combination of seduction and strength. Her lyrics reveal far more intelligence and insight than the average Top 40 fare, yet her flair for melodic hooks and flat-out groove easily separates her from the usual female singer-songwriter crowd.

Apryl is a singer and performer at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Combining Vegas glamour with Broadway showmanship takes a special kind of performer, with talent that defies easy classification. It is a setting in which Apryl Lauren shines.

Apryl Lauren grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California. She acquired a solid theatre background, and from there appeared in indie films and commercials. Now dedicated to her music, Apryl draws on her acting background to weave a web of mystique, sophistication and beauty that is not to be missed. Lounging on the piano, seducing the room with Lauren Bacall glamour, Apryl’s persona can change from innocent to devilish in a heartbeat. She evokes the persona of a 1940s ingénue, sparkling in a world of backbeats and digital processing.

Apryl has just finished recording Half-Dressed at Hollywood Recording Studio. Translating performance to audio can be a challenge, especially when the performer is as dynamic as Apryl, but she and her producers, Meghan Gohil and Dayton Borders, feel they are seeing the birth of something very special.

"As charismatic a performer as Apryl is," says Borders, "I think that her true gift is her songwriting itself. She's much more than a beautiful face and a great voice. A lot of listeners are going to be stunned."

Apryl's songs have attracted the notice of Gabriel Moses from Macy Gray's band, Richard Fortus from Guns N' Roses, and Brad Booker from Gravity Kills – all of whom appear on Apryl's new EP, Half-Dressed.

"I can’t believe how well this is coming together," says Apryl. "Everyone has been great — supportive, uncompromising, and they really understand my direction."

"It’s amazing, how clearly Apryl’s energy comes through in the recording," adds Gohil. "Apryl's melodies are alluring, her lyrics intriguing and edgy. It’s the kind of project that makes me excited, nervous, and deeply satisfied — all at the same time."

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