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Something Somewhere
Transient Records


1. Her Majesties: Prelude
2. Prophecy Of Life
3. Out There
4. Fantasize Realise
5. The Sea
6. Sweet Something
7. Shine
8. Her Majesties
9. Come Inside

  Astralasia Album Cover
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Founded by the producer & remixer Swordfish, Astralasia are one of the leading lights of the UKs traveler dance music scene. From the UK to France, Goa to Thailand their uplifting live performances have captured a worldwide following for their numerous record releases on Magick Eye Records which total over 100,000 in sales to date. Something Somewhere is Astralasias ninth album and their first to be released by Transient Records. Tracks from this album were previewed at this years WOMAD Festival as well as some of the classic tracks from their extensive and impressive catalogue.



Politics Of Ecstasy 1992
Pitched Up At The Edge Of Reality 1993
Whatever Happened To Utopia? 1994

Axis Mundi 1995
Astralogy 1995
The Space Between 1996
Seven Pointed Star 1997
White Bird 1998


Rhythm Of Life 1991
Realise Your Purpose 1992
Sul E Stomp 1992
Mad 1993
Unveria Zekt 1994
Hashishin 1994
Mother Durga 1994
Sul E Stomp (Re Release) 1994
Realise Your Purpose (Re Release)  1995
Nomad 1995
High Planes Drifter 1996
Alien Love Song 1996
Seven Pointed Star 1997
Special World 1998
One Fine Day 1998
Snowman 1998

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