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Lost in Qawwali III
Birdman Records (Distributed by Revolver USA)


1. Black Night
2. How Beautiful
3. Drowned in Your Eyes
4. Love
5. The Holy Prophet

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  Badar Ali Khan
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Badar Ali Khan, reigning master of the mystic, entrancing qawwali has created something wonderful for his audiences, both old and new. Merging the timeless transcendence of Sufi mysticism with vibrant energy of electronic dance music, Lost in Qawwali III is an offering that welcomes the soul within an embrace of discovery and spiritual awakening. As the title suggests, this is Badar’s third album in his "Lost in Qawwali" series, and in many ways it culminates his multi-year odyssey with his producer, Baba Varma, the creator of modern goa trance. Part III is the most mature and integrated "Lost in Qawwali," and it impossible to tell where the ancient ends and the modern begins. Exotic and familiar, Badar’s release manages to breathe fresh life into the ancient form while preserving, and even enhancing qawwali’s essential, indomitable spirit.

Qawwali is the musical manifestation of Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam. With a tradition dating from the tenth century, qawwali masters think of themselves as pilots and their listeners as passengers on a journey that brings them to another plane of consciousness, one that is closer to God. Featuring instruments such as harmonium, tabla, dholak, saringda and rabab, beats and lines are often repeated, with subtle variations to bring out the deeper truths to the music and lyrics, which are poems and observations of Sufi philosophers such as the immortal poet-sage Rumi.

Badar Ali Khan is part of the Khans of Pakistan, a truly remarkable family whose unbroken line of vocalists has dominated Qawwali for generations. Badar is the younger cousin of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the legendary "voice of heaven" who first introduced qawwali to a worldwide audience. After releasing 22 albums in his native Pakistan, Badar decided to continue Nusrat’s crusade to offer the gift of qawwali to those who would welcome it regardless of country, culture, or religion. To many Nusrat embodied qawwali itself, and Badar pays tribute to Nusrat’s formidable legacy while adding his own eloquent vision and voice.

The intricate, lush layers of qawwali has gained a huge following not only to those interested in the cultural aspects of Sufism and other traditions of Eastern mysticism, but among younger dance music audiences, who are devoted to genres such as trance and drum and bass. Varma is not surprised by this, and sees the spiritual awareness now taking place in raves and dance clubs as a rediscovery of a truth known to the Sufis for over a thousand years.

"Imagine uncovering a beautiful gemstone, then discovering someone has the skill and desire to clean and polish that gemstone to completely reveal its inner light. What a gift that would be! Qawwali reveals one’s inner soul with virtuosity and effortless power that has stood against the weight of centuries. This sort of enlightenment can be achieved purely through the music, without any sort of other drug or paraphernalia."

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