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Club H Vol. 2
Statra Recordings


1. Hexagone - Sea Birds
2. Spacetime Continuum - Movement # 2 (Herbert Mix)
3. 51 Days - Paper Moon
4. Aqua Bassino - Milano Bossa
5. Weekender - Sunday Special
6. Modaji - Outboard Jeopardy
7. Human Arts - Big Sur Highway
8. Euphonic 7 feat. Kevin Yost - Getting Away From It All
9. Reminiscent Drive - Two Sides To Every Story (L.F.S.F Mix)
10. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fade II Black" (Ruff Flutapella Mix)
11. Korben Dallas - All This Music
12. Julien Jabre - Deliverance
13. Hi-Lo - He Didnšt Know
14. Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Derrick May Mix)

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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.


Everybody back to Harry's!!!! Back in black and swinging his vinyl hatchet, good ole' HTB has once again compiled one of the best "True" House Music compilations of the year. Shortly over a year ago Harry The Bastard's Club H was released to an unsuspecting Electronic Dance Music public. Within a few months the album received the warmest welcome with the press, tons of DJ's, and House Music fans the world over. I suppose this can be attributed to a few thingsŠ mainly that the songs were hand picked by one of the most passionate House Music devotee's around, they weren't chosen for their popularity, and because they are all truly timeless classics in the world of House Music. I suppose spending ten years and ten hours a day filling and walking the isles of a vinyl collection of close to four million 12" records has had quite an impact on this man.


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