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Plastique Nouveau
spinART Records


1. Protection (Nude Mix)
2. Robotic (Adult. Almost Instrumental Mix)
3. Sound Of Sleet
4. Don't Let The Rain Come Down
5. The End Starts Today (Tommie Sunshine's "Nail Me Down" Glasgow Summer Freestyle Mix)
6. Make It Through
7. Brainclouds
8. Protection (Ectomorph Chromium Version)
9. The End Starts Today (Edit)

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Glasgow, Scotland - Regarded as one of the hippest bands to come out of Glasgow, Bis are continuing to follow their long term interest in all things Electro with a variety of mixes being prepared for their upcoming mini-LP. The band have engaged top US Electro players ADULT., Ectomorph and Tommie Sunshine to do remixes for Plastique Nouveau set for release on their new label spinART in July.

The three artists chosen to do remixes perfectly mesh with Bis' futuristic yet retro sensibility. Detroit based ADULT.'s music defies easy genre categorizing by manipulating the essence of early '70's punk, the sound palette of '80's electro-pop and the dance intensity of '90's techno. Combining their knowledge and love for these genres, Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus have created their own sound that is both knowledgeable and immediate. Non-stop sales and continued repressings of their first 5 EPs and 15 remix commissions in two years prove that ADULT. is just beginning to stake their claim in today's global music community.

Though they're unknown to all but a select few in the American and European underground, Detroit electro duo Ectomorph are on the leading edge of a new wave of American dance music artists reconnecting techno to its roots in Motor City funk and soul via electro. Founded in 1994 by bedroom arm Brendan "BMG" Gillen, with original partner and Drexciya member Gerald, who was replaced by Erica Sherman in 1997, Ectomorph have released twelves and a handful of compilation tracks for labels such as Sabotage, Serotonin, Astralwerks, and Submerge. Their influence and reputation have more than exceeded their comparatively limited output, with DJs regularly citing them as favorites and European electro revivalists routinely biting their style.

Chicago-born Tommie Sunshine, a longtime Bis fan, is a unique presence on the underground dance scene. From his outrageous outfits that always seem to surface during Miami's Winter Music Conference, Tommie's healthy disregard for the conventions of dance music are a welcome antidote. Influenced by Italo-Disco, new wave, kitschy pop, and jackin' Chicago house, Tommie's irreverent but still dance-floor-friendly DJ sets not only challenge your ears but make you smile and laugh too. As a producer, Sunshine has just only begun to come into his own, having been enlisted by Felix Da Housecat as one of the members of Thee Glitz, the production team that put together Felix's award winning new album, Kittin And Thee Glitz. Since then, his schedule has exploded, logging time behind the mixing desk doing remixes for labels like Gigolo and V2 as well as relaunching his own Xylophone Jones label.

Bis's recent full-length album Return To Central was released in late 2001 on spinART (they were previously on the sadly now defunct Grand Royal). This is the band's third full length since their debut album New Transistor Heros in 1997. This is not to in anyway suggest they are not extremely prolific artists, having (in almost electronic music style) released dozens of singles since the mid-90's. For this album the band have distilled the violent hyperactivity of New Transistor Heroes ('97), Social Dancing's dance floor pop ('99) and the world weary, synthesizer cynicism of the mini album, Music For A Stranger World (2000), into their most ambitious project to date the expansive, yet perfectly formed Return To Central

Bis lead singer Amanda MacKinnon's malevolent screams on their early (1995) hit "Kill Yr Boyfriend" have matured into a sweet but unsettling whisper complemented by band mates Steven and John Clark's vocals. Bis's love of '80s synth-pop remains undiminished on the recent album with "Protection" recalling their own Eurodisco, while "Robotic" is prime 1983 New York City Funhouse electro material. The trio also continue to develop as arrangers and producers Lone Swordsman Andy Weatherall named their recent Arab Strap remix as his favorite record of 2001 and they've collaborated with fellow Scotsman Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite on Return To Central. Other groups they have remixed include Stereo Total, Elbow and the increasingly popular duo Mount Florida.

Additionally they have DJed at numerous spots in Glasgow as well as the popular electro club, Nitsa in Barcelona. Amanda also DJs on radio station Beat 106 FM, one of the biggest stations in Scotland and does a weekly slot on Wednesdays with fellow chick DJ Mingo-go at the 13th Note in Glasgow. Meanwhile, their end theme to the cartoon show The Powerpuff Girls has become an ultra-cool kids anthem after developing a cult following on worldwide TV.

We anticipate tremendous interest in this unique collaboration between Bis and these three cutting edge remixers. Look for Plastique Nouveau on 12' vinyl and CD.

Release date: July 9, 2002

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