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Open System


1. Highview
2. State of Mind
3. Introspective
4. Detachd
5. Open Systems
6. Of the Future
7. Playboy
8. Get Down
9. Ascent
10. Body Dancer
11. Effective
12. Solare
13. Ginseng
14. Avalanche

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  Marco Carola photo
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After the release of his first album Fokus (1998) which sold more than 20.000 copies worldwide, German-based Italian-born techno upstart Marco Carola proudly presents his follow up, Open System. The first release as part of Statra Recordings’ new distribution association with Germany’s ELP (Electronic Label Pool), Open System pushes Marco Carola’s production and level of innovation to a new height.

Born in Naples, Italy, the 26 year-old Carola became interested in music as a child and learning to play the drums.  By the age of 15, he discovered electronic music during the ‘golden era’ of acid house and traded in his drums for two turntables and a mixer to start dj’ing.  

In 1993, Marco started to lean towards expressing his own visions of music and built up his own studio, quickly releasing high quality tracks for important labels and gaining respect in the techno underground. Soon he found the limitations of recording for other peoples labels too creatively restrictive and in 1996 he set up his own Design Music label, the first Italian label to focus purely on releasing Techno music.

After Design, Marco Carola founded his 1000 imprint in 1998 in order to produce ultra-fresh DJ music which he could test on his ever expanding international gigging schedule. By 1998 his first Australian tour was in progress, swiftly followed by tours of Canada and America where his unique 3 deck, mixing style made him one of the most requested bookings among Techno DJ`s at the time. He regularly plays in the most famous techno clubs, [Liquid Room (Tokyo), The End (London), Tresor (Berlin), Orbit (Sheffield), Kitchen (Dublin), Twilo (New York), Fuse (Brussels), Rex (Paris), Zouk (Singapore), etc.], on many important Festivals [Love Parade, 2 Tribes, I Love Techno, Borealis, Sonar etc.] and belongs to Sven Väth’s booking agency Cocoon.

As part of the ELP (Electronic Label Pool), Marco Carola now stands as one of techno music`s prime movers. Considered by some to be one of the heirs to Jeff Mills’ Techno kingdom, Carola wanted Open System to be a kind of journey through different spheres, touching not only on Carola’s straight ahead energetic tribal clubsound, but different kinds of electronic music.

The album defines a new musical horizon, Marco’s vision of Techno as an “electronic experience”; all influences and experiences from his relentless worldwide touring schedule.  Combining dancefloor tracks with slower, electronic breakbeats, melodic Detroit influences, and experimental arrangements together with live organic sounds and pads, Open System is Marco’s vision and philosophy of music is completely fulfilled!

Release date: November 6, 2001

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