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Over You EP
Tactile Music


a1. Over You
aa1. Beware the Twins
aa2. uptown thing

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Tactile Music is a new record label owned and run by producer Nick Calingaert, better known as Common Factor.  After years of dealing with record label antics and being perceived as a “label-artist”, Nick has decided to set up shop on his own.

Born in Japan, Nick  grew up in various countries around the world before finally settling in Chicago in 1996.  An avid record collector and music enthusiast, Calingaert made his first appearance on vinyl in 1995, collaborating with Spencer Kincy (aka Gemini) on ‘7:15pm,’ a track on Gemini’s “Moments of Euphoria EP” released by Belgium’s SSR label.  SSR was also where Nick’s Common Factor guise made its debut, recording two EPs, “The 1000” and “Motion/Transition.”

Catching the ear of techno renaissance man Carl Craig, Common Factor signed to Detroit’s illustrious Planet E Communications label in 1997. Nick’s first two Planet E releases were surprise hits, with the tracks ‘Horizons’ and ‘Get Down’ each grabbing Single Of The Month honors in Mixmag.  Common Factor also earned the respect of American dance music magazines – URB Magazine named this rising domestic talent as one of the Top 100 artists to watch in 1999.

As part of the Planet E family, Common Factor flourished, releasing Dreams Of Elsewhere, a CD collection of his first two vinyl-only EP’s (compiled with extra bonus tracks) and two more vinyl releases - “Pisces Groove” which received rave reviews and sat in the flight cases of more discerning deep house dj’s around the globe and “The World Is Mine”/“Fascination” were co-written with John Redmond on vocals, best known for his ‘People Everyday’ release on Cajual Records.  Nick also spent time on the road, debuting his tracks with John Redmond at the label’s 2000 Miami Winter Music Conference party, supporting Innerzone Orchestra on their American tour, and an extensive live tour of Australia and New Zealand with labelmate Recloose.

Since then, Nick has split with Planet E, forging new relationships with Manchester’s paperecordings, releasing an EP under his own name, honing his remix talents for the likes of Dan Curtin (“Nexus” on Elypsia), Marius (“Blunted Spiral” for Wally’s Groove World) and Maybe And Her Boneless Sisters  (“Dirty Mind” on Zozan Music), and rekindling an old relationship by releasing the first new Common Factor material in over a year with Soma, home to Retroflex, a collaborative project between Nick and fellow Chicagoan and Derrick Carter conspirator Chris Nazuka.

However, craving the freedom to choose his own musical direction, the creation of a new label was Nick Calingaert’s inevitable next step.  Tactile Music will be a home for his further explorations in sound, as well as that of new talent. Travelling the world for DJ and live performances has exposed him to some outstanding and much neglected artists. The label will focus on new Common Factor material, as well as new music by other artists who share his auricle for catchy, yet intricately sophisticated tunes.

The name, Tactile, alludes to the craft of the DJ: the manipulation of sound through touch and the interplay of the physical and the spiritual.  The label will focus on music for the dance floor, releasing only on 12” vinyl for the time being.

Release date: January, 2002

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For more information on Common Factor or Tactile Music, including licensing inquiries, please contact Peter Wohelski at Green Galactic (, or call 718-923-9020)



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