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Chloe Day

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . . . Chloe Day's music resonates like a siren call. Her agonizing sound submerges listeners into a dream-like state with its seductive, yet dangerous feel . . . edgy, breathy, flirty, eerie, and eccentric."
-Arizona Daily Sun

Chloe Day is a woman obsessed.

Not a day goes by without her being distracted by melody. It might have bit her at a friend's house, maybe in the car or skating through the alleys of her neighborhood in Venice Beach, California.

She probably won't notice when the notes swim into patterns and words sort of fall into place.

"I can't remember when I didn't have a song stuck in my head," she says.

Day grew up exploring the radio dial from end to end to find new music.

Soon after she moved from her home town of St. Louis to L.A., she went on a 3-month hitchhike through Mexico, where she eventually stepped into a Tijuana roadside shop and bumbled her way through broken Spanglish to her first guitar.

Songwriting and performing became instant addictions and went from open mics in Santa Monica to gigs around Hollywood, and in time to ranking among the Top Artists on MySpace in both Trip-Hop and Electronica.

“With a little girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Chloe Day leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to kiss them or kill them. And yet, her performances are so hypnotizing, listeners would probably consent, spiral-eyed, to either.” - Riverfront Times

It was at Hollywood hotspot Molly Malone's that Day crossed paths with producer Meghan Gohil and began work on her debut release, The Return Of...

“The album vibrates with the trashy percussive grooves of hip-hop and the creepy, tensile ambience of electronica... her songs have edginess in spades.” -Roy Kasten (KDHX/RFT St. Louis)

Her sophomore release, Pixie Runway, followed and led to regional touring around the States.

"The term 'pixie' in the title is no accident; Day has this awesome voice that is sexy, sweet, and just a little predatory." -Playback:STL

Both albums have met with strong critical acclaim and been catching the attention of radio tastemakers around the States, with strong listener responses on Modern Rock stations such as KUPD (Phoenix, AZ), KPNT (St. Louis, MO), and KATT (Oklahoma City, OK).

Be sure to keep an ear out for The Return Of...'s opening track "Kingpin" in Eric Byler's latest film "Americanese," winner of several SXSW 2006 awards.

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Pixie Runway is now available on iTunes, Yahoo, Rhapsody and eMusic.


Full-Length Albums:

The Return Of… (Dec. 2003)
Pixie Runway (May 2006)


"Kingpin" (July 2006)
"Thirsty" (Dec. 2006)

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