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Mixed Live: Dave Aud
é: Velvet St. Louis



01. Cicada “Edge”
Marcos Rodriguez “My Love”
Sharp Boys ‘The Race Track”
Laurent Wolf “Planar”
Bad Cabbage “You're Rude (Get F#@%ed)
Moguai “U Know Why”
Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes “Vanquish”
Milk Inc. “Land Of The Living”
Marco Bailey “Capture”
Midtone “Pearl”
Flash “The Day After”
gusgus “David”
Capetown “Pitstop”
DJ Scot Project “O (Overdrive)”

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  Dave Audé photo 3
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It's no accident that cutting-edge recording artists like Superstar DJ Keoki, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Feelgood, Christopher Lawrence, Micro, Cirrus, DJ Dan, and Tall Paul have created some of their best work with Dave Audé. Since 1994 this producer/DJ/re-mixer's name has become synonymous with irresistible electronic music. "What I do best," Audé says, "is to take DJs and artists to the next level."

Audé has been DJing for over 10 years with residencies at “Rubber” in Orange County California, it’s sister venue in Las Vegas, Velvet in St. Louis, and Glo at On Broadway in San Diego. Audé is constantly on the road playing his progressive peak-hour sets week in and week out for crowds between 500-5000.  In addition to his domestic travels, where he previews his singles and remixes to packed venues, Audé has also found a budding International career including such hot spots as Cream, Sundissential, The Gallery and Golden in the UK. 

In 1999, Audé released one of his most successful singles to date, “Push That Thing” on Duty Free Records – Tall Paul’s imprint in the UK.  The single has been so successful, it can still be heard in clubs around the world, and is a featured track on the Ministry of Sound’s “Millennium” disc set.  In 2001 Audé followed up “Push That Thing” with the release of “I Can’t Wait,” and in 2002 released “Flood Of Heaven” on the Moonshine Blue label.  In between gigs, Audé is fine-tuning remixes for major acts such as BareNaked Ladies, Paul Oakenfold, Love & Rockets, Orgy, BT, A Tribe Called Quest, LeAnn Rimes, TATU,  and the one and only Madonna. 

As the perfect companion to all his producing and remixing credits, Audé has remarkably built himself quite the compilation history with Moonshine Music. His mix compilations including Basslines, an introduction to speed-garage, Club Flys 1-3, released in conjunction with the popular sunglasses company, 2000’s Rush Hour, a combination of hard, aggressive club tracks, and 2001’s Nocturnal Wonderland, serving as the soundtrack for the infamous annual music event in southern California. With all of these and more Audé truly struts his production “stuff.”

Whether it’s behind the decks or in the studio, through his tireless efforts, Dave Audé hold’s his own in the same company with the DJs he helped catapult.  

His current Moonshine release, Mixed Live: Dave Audé: Velvet St. Louis is one of the first ever live club mix released in 5.1 Dolby™ Digital Surround Sound. The package contain a DVD Video with the 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound mix, and interviews with the Dave and a CD (standard compact disc audio) with the stereo mix. The album will be released on March 25, 2002.

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