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Hadshot Haheizar


1. Reload
2. Purple Unicorn
3. Land of Freedom [2001 mix]
4. Fireball
5. Far and Away
6. Something is Wrong with the Machinery!
7. Gangster
8. Liquid Skies
9. Ananda
10. The Final Swirl

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(August, Los Angeles) Music has always been part of Dado’s life. Raised in a family of musicians, Dado (aka. Deedrah) began his musical studies at the age of five, learning transverse flute and piano. During his teenage years, he found inspiration in the electronic music of the day, including Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Simple Minds. Dado bought his first synthesizer funded by working at night in bars as a pianist. After the split of his first rock band Vision Quest, in 1990, he started to work on his own with the help of computers. Soon after, he met Christophe Drouillet at a French rave and they formed the psychedelic trance act, Transwave.

Three months later, the first Transwave release was launched on the small French label, Transpact. Over the following two years, Transwave released three albums and toured around the world, experiencing great success in the psychedelic trance underground and scoring an international trance hit with their track, "Land of Freedom." Drawing a wealth of knowledge from these experiences, Dado ventured out and started his own record label and production studio, Questionmark RDS. In 1997, the label released his first solo album Self Oscillation under the name Deedrah which marked Dado’s first break from the original psychedelic goa trance sound he was producing before. Since then, Dado has worked under a variety of project names, including Cypher, DanDan d Dado, and Synthetic.

In the near future, Dado will be working with artists like Trance legends Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Tokyo Drome); Astral Projection (Trust in Trance), Sid Shanti (Manumission), Avi Algranati (Space Cats), Total Eclipse, Jaia and will soon be remixing other Trance luminaries including Sonic Fusion, The Delta, Hallucinogen and alternative rockers Killing Joke. Dado has toured relentlessly, performing live or as a DJ, touching down in destinations around the globe such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Copenhagen, London, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Melbourne, Sydney, Athens, Sao Paulo, Moscow and Bali.

At the end of 2000, Dado moved to Ibiza where he set up his new studio in the quiet Spanish countryside, and began to produce house and lounge music under the project name of Fédérico Baltimore. He’s also lending his studio skills as a mastering engineer for labels like Cosmophilia, TIP WORLD and 3D Vision.

The long awaited second album under the name Deedrah, an opus entitled Reload, is yet another breakaway step from the psychedelic trance sound Dado is known for. Set to be released this summer, Reload explores a deeper, more hypnotic sound, careening into musical territory somewhere in between John Digweed’s more techy, progressive side and Paul van Dyk’s uplifting melodic trance sensibilities.

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