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Propa Classics Volume One
Solar Special Projects/Intuit Solar


1. Spiritual Aura - Engineers Without Fears
2. I'm So - Blue (DJ Rap remix)
3. Digable Bass - DJ Rap
4. Hardstep - DJ Rap
5. Get Under - DJ Rap
6. Ruffest Gun Ark (DJ Rap mix) - Topcat
7. Tibetan Jungle - DJ Rap
8. Total Tangent - DJ Rap
9. Intelligent Woman - DJ Rap feat. Outlaw Candy
10. Your Mind - The Gimp
11. The Lickshot - DJ Rap feat. MC Hooligan
12. Playing With Paranoia - DJ Rap
13. The Drum - DJ Rap feat. MC Cherokee
14. Deep Inside - DJ Rap/Danny C
15. Spiritual Aura 2001  (DJ Rap vs. The Freestylers) - Engineers Without Fears

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Simultaneously a label owner, producer, recording artist and world-renowned DJ, East London's Charissa Saverio, aka DJ Rap stands alongside the likes of DJs Hype, Grooverider and LTJ Bukem as one of the few, and only female, pioneers of drum and bass. This year she celebrates the first ten years of her career, and the re-launch of her imprint Proper Talent, with the release of the mix compilation Propa Classics – Volume 1. The album features two exclusive new tracks and thirteen of the best and rarest dance-floor anthems that forged her reputation as the 'first lady of jungle'.

Detroit based Intuit-Solar, who have exclusive worldwide rights to for this and Rap’s next three mix CDs, has released the album currently in North America on its sub-label Solar Special Projects and the album is available in MP3 format on For a limited time Emusic is offering a free download of “Spiritual Aura 2001” a new mix of the classic 1995 track that is a collaboration between DJ Rap and Ashton Harvey of the Freestylers recorded under the artist name Engineers Without Fears.

In addition to the latest Rap record, Intuit-Solar and EMusic also have Brave New World featuring Rap and Kenny Ken as well as the latest from DJ Assault, Jefferson Avenue and the critically acclaimed Comin' from Tha D compilations that feature the evolution of "ghetto tech." Founded in 1998 to showcase the best of Detroit’s underground Intuit-Solar has earned it’s reputation as one of the most progressive labels in the North America through these releases and releases by Sean Deason, Japanese Telecom and DJ Godfather.

Other sites talk - EMusic delivers. One of the Net's first download sites for MP3's, EMusic recently shifted to the then controversial, subscription model. Though met by some resistance initially, it is now set to become the blueprint for music delivery online. With nearly 30,000 paying customers having unlimited access to 200,000, legal MP3's - EMusic, now a part of Vivendi Net, continues to blaze the trail for the digital download revolution.

The album will come out simultaneously as twelves of 'Digable Bass,' 'Spiritual Aura,' 'Divine Rhythm' and Rap's mix of 'I'm So In Love With You'. Rap is excited about betting back to basics and her first love – producing drum & bass. "After the release of the Classics and the vinyl singles, each with a breakbeat track on one side and a drum & bass track on the other, I'm trying to retain the flavor of my more musical and vocal stuff. I am capturing that original soul while keeping it contemporary," says Rap.

The current single “Spiritual Aura 2001” with new mixes by Freestylers is getting great attention at radio and in the clubs with important DJs like Liquid Todd and Dieselboy slamming it live and on the air. Compound all this with Rap’s great sales history and the amazing online presence from Emusic, Intuit-Solar, and the newly invented online promotion “Tric” technology, DJ Rap has the edge for staying the Queen of drum & bass for a long time to come.

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