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Danny Krivit


CD One

1. The Vogado Projects Vol. 1 - Mas Fuerte Que El Sol
2. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Whistle Song (Original Mix)
3. Gerardo Frisina – Descarga
4. 808 State - Pacific State (Justin Struass Mix)
5. Ernest Saint Laurent - Clumsey Lobster
6. Blaze – Klubtrance
7. Outlaw Soundworks – Outlaw
8. DJ Food – Peace
9. Lost Tribes of Ibadan 3 - Powder (Kerri Chandler Mix)
10. Noiseshaper - The Only Redeemer (Needs Remix)
11. Brooklyn Heights - Down To The Bone

CD Two

1. Block 16 feat. Jhelisa - Find An Oasis
2. Pal Joey - Harmony
3. Klubfilter - Illumination
4. Funk Against Jazz - Latino (Unreleased Mix)
5. Dennis Ferrer – NJF
6. Nigel Hayes - Que Pasa
7. Celebrate - Inner Soul
8. Octave One - Blackwater (Chase The Blues Instrumental Mix)
9. Peckham Royalty - Minor Villain
10. Frankie Valentine - Scrap Iron Rebel (Original Mix)
11. Zion Lockwood - Pure As P
12. Mr. Hermano - Jugando Con Fuego (Original Demo Version)

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Sometimes the only way to look forward is to look back and for the eleventh chapter of NRK’s nite:life series, New York legend Danny Krivit presents a double mix CD that spans three decades, countless continents and many differing styles of dance music. 

 Raised in Greenwich Village, Danny was born into a musical family with jazz music the labor of love.  While working in his parents’ nightclub, The Ninth Circle, Danny was exposed and introduced to influential figures on the New York music scene (including the likes of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, and Janis Joplin).  With such talent surrounding him, it was no surprise that Danny spent most of the 1970’s spinning the hot records of the time in the family-owned club.

 Soon a network of DJs and producers grew as the underground culture embraced the disco era musical scene.  Soon to be revered legends David Mancuso (The Loft), Nicky Siano (The Gallery), Walter Gibbons (Galaxy 21) joined ground breaking DJs Larry Levan and Francois K. in this new revolution.

Danny Krivit would spend his time at the hallowed Paradise Garage, avidly roller-skating round the dancefloor as Levan span the latest platters.  Krivit’s DJ career meanwhile grew steadily, earning his reputation as one of the key players in New York’s club scene with his devotion to the eclectic sounds that feed the dancefloors of the city that never sleeps. Danny cut his teeth on some of the cities best loved clubs such as The Roxy, Danceteria, The Limelight and Save The Robots.

Naturally, the joy of spinning records in night-spots gave Danny a craving to enter the recording studio, spending the liberating 80’s era working on tracks featuring James Brown, Gloria Gaynor and Visage and a whole host of others.  Danny has since gone on to edit, produce and mix a plethora of material that puts his status as studio technician firmly at the top of the pile.

 In 1996, Danny teamed up with long time associates François K and Joe Claussell in founding Body & Soul.  Yet another benchmark is modern New York clubbing, up until the party’s recent hiatus just weeks ago, Danny has since spun every Sunday at this revered NYC party and has helped his reputation grow in overseas territories such as Japan and England, representing Body & Soul on 2 special occasions.

Danny Krivit Expansions is an awesome ride through moods, rhythms, instrumentations, chords, vocals, memories and much much more.  His first house mix for a European label, this expansive double CD mix draws on influences from yesteryear as well as contemporary house and electronica. Opening up with the lush orchestration of ‘Mas Fuerte Que El Sol’, Danny smoothly accelerates on a jaunt through house music’s past with Mark “MK” Kinchen’s mix of Happy Heads and 808 State’s classic ‘Pacific State’.  The very heart of New York’s dance music community is represented by players such as Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler and Blaze while European ‘click house’ gets a look in with Germany’s Needs and France’s Klubfilter taking their cues from Giorgio Moroder.  The sounds of Now are represented by Ernest Saint Laurent’s spooky ‘Clumsy Lobster’ and Octave One’s jackin’ ‘Blackwater’. 

A pure joy of a mix compilation, Danny Krivit  Expansions breathes some fresh life and offers a renewed perspective into the dance music scene that has so often become a victim of its own wrongdoings.

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For more information on Danny Krivit Expansions, the Nite:Life series, and NRK Sound Division, please contact Peter Wohelski at Green Galactic on 718.923.9020 or



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