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Sounds You Can Feel
Classic Music Company


1. Schatrax - Just For Fun
2. Olav Brekke Mathisen - Ansaff I Kommunen
3. Ray Mang and Nathan D'Troit - Off Side
4. Slow Supreme - Green Tea (Jazidjazzdub)
5. Shaun Scoffery - Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah remix)
6. Blaze - Lovee Dae (Doc's Wax mix)
7. Blakkat feat. Mark Bell - Deeper (Blakdoktor Dub)
8. Scott Ferguson - Dump Days
9. Soulpatrol - Love Variations Pt. 1 (Charlie Dark Reconstruction)
10. Jaymz Nylon - Papolo Soul (Automagic Superdub)
11. Aaron Carl - Down
12. Barrio Brothers feat. Troy Dillard - Hold On (Blakdoktor mix)
13. Wally Callerio - In Your Arms
14. Rob Mello feat. Cecile - Fantasize (Instrumental Club mix)
15. Danmass - Godspeed
16. Scotch - Super Disco (Double Face mix)

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Classic Recordings are very proud in announcing the release of Doc Martin's Sounds You Can Feel DJ mix CD. This is the first widely distributed, commercially available mix CD that Doc has done since his Unlock The House mix for Moonshine in the mid-90's. This mix perfectly encapsulates Doc's current DJ sets, with a superb selection of tracks that Doc seamlessly blends together in his own inimitable style that showcases his unique talent as one of the world greatest deck technician.

Doc Martin is post-rave America's dance music icon.  Besides the Frankie Knuckles', Derrick May's, and Louie Vega's aside, he is the closest thing to a Carl Cox, a Paul Oakenfold, a Sasha, that Americans can call their own. If there were any house DJ in America who could accurately claim to be the most important American house DJ working today, it would be Doc Martin. But then, Doc would never accept such a title even if it happens to be true because Doc is not only a legendary talent, but also a legendarily humble man.

For those who have been unaware and out of the loop for the last 15 years or so, Doc Martin (real name: Martin Mendoza) began his mission on the decks back in the Summer of 1986.  With strong roots in funk and disco, his focus on house music was triggered while playing the clubs and warehouses of late 1980s San Francisco.  One of the main founders of the strong West Coast dance scene, Doc has always been a master of mixing the crowd with the music.

While most star deejays have a brief notoriety, helped in large part by a popular 12-inch track, Doc’s consistency and longevity stem from his ability to bring many styles of music and people together. From reggae & old school hip-hop to underground Chicago trax & NYC garage, his unique style has earned him the love and respect of DJs and clubbers worldwide.

Moving to Los Angeles at the end of the 80’s, he established himself as the cornerstone of the nascent LA rave and underground loft/warehouse party scene. Doc’s legendary 8 hour sets at seminal underground parties Flammable Liquid and Sunday Love as well as his stints at many Southern California massives, Doc’s reputation for bringing great vibes, diverse sounds, and the ability to take a party higher spread far and wide throughout the US’ bourgeoning dance music scene.

His slot as the opening act for Deee-Lite in 1994 on their World Tour brought him to greater exposure. From there, his residency at New York City’s infamous Twilo in 1996 and his legendary sets at Cream in Liverpool during their 1995-1997 prime helped fuel the incredible buzz on Doc, earning him an important worldwide profile. 

In this age of specialized sub-genres among deejays and producers, what sets Martin apart is his unchallenged ability to reach deep into everything from deep house, trax, techno, funk, tribal, and classics and create a cohesive, blissful union.  At the top of the US house scene, Doc spent the 90’s constantly touring, playing his music for fans from London to Sydney to Ibiza and everywhere in between. 

After a well-publicized life-threatening attack of pancreatitis and a resulting 8-month hiatus, Doc has spent his last few years focusing extensively on producing his own music in his own recording studio.  Recent work remixing A Tribe Called Quest, Moloko and dubtribe, as well as producing original tracks for Moonshine, Shaboom, and DJ Sneak’s Defiant Records inspired Doc to develop his career as a producer and remixer. Currently, Doc is collaborating with a number of artists including R&B singer Mark Bell, remixing Solomonic Sound’s to-be-massive “Children of Israel” for Shaboom, and working on his developing his own Wax Records label.

However, you can’t keep this man off the road and although his touring schedule is less frenetic than it was, Doc's magic continues to grow. He is a future legend of house, the US ambassador for dance music culture, and beloved by thousands all over the world.  Music over hype will always be Doc's message of love. To Doc Martin, there are no stars just dance floors and the ability to tap into their energies. Open yourself and step into his world. 

Doc Martin will be bringing his positive vibes on tour throughout the US this Spring, Summer, and Fall 2002.

Release date: June 11, 2002


- Doc Martin ­ Mood Doktor ­ Siesta
- Kingsize Funk ­ Release The Pressure ­ Shaboom
- Doc Martin feat. Taka Boom ­ Never ­ Shaboom
- Doctor Dub ­ Reach For The Sky ­ Imperial Dub
- Doc Martin feat. Anthea McQueen ­ I Need Somebody New ­ ICU
- BlakDoktor ­ I Believe So Strong ­ Shaboom
- Doktor Know ­ Slowburner ­ Grayhound
- Doc Martin ­ Set Me Free ­ Shaboom
- Doc & Buck ­ Living Room Chronicles II ­ Leaf
- Doc Martin presents Diskfunktional ­ L.O.V.E. ­ Moonshine
- BlakDoktor ­ Heaven In Your Eyes ­ Shaboom
- Docąs Daily Funk ­ People Together ­ Groovalicious
- Doctor Dub ­ Unification ­ Imperial Dub
- Doc Martin presents Disfunktional ­ Free ­ Moonshine
- Doc Ximbi ­ African American ­ 99 North
- Doc & Tony - Music From My Soul ­ Wax
- Doc & Tony ­ Lack Of Dub
- Doc & Andre ­ A Little Gotten - Westbound


- Tribe Called Quest ­ Footprints ­ Jive
- Moloko ­ day For Night ­ Warners
- Mephisto Odyssey ­ The Lift ­ Primal
- Sylk 130 ­ The Reason ­ Ovum
- Mark Bell ­ Woman Cry ­ Atlantic
- Mighty Dub Katz ­ Just Another Groove ­ Smile
- Eddie Amador ­ Holy Spirit ­ Shaboom
- Shaboom ­ Totally ­ Warners
- Shaboom ­ Bessie ­ Warners
- Aaron Carl ­ My House ­ Ovum
- Blakkat ­ Full Circle ­ Shaboom
- Progression ­ If You Believe ­ Nervous
- Faith Healer ­ Wicked Vibes ­ Rampant
- Full Proof ­ Sunny ­ Glow
- Sweet Drop - Hallelujah ­ Groovalicious
- Fax Gluv ­ Love ­ Primal
- Nick Holder ­ Moments Of Dub - NRK
- Desert ­ Lettiną Ya Mind Go ­ Mute
- Blaze ­ Lovely Day ­ Classic
- Freaks ­ Dance & Disorder - Music for Freaks
- Barrio Bros. - Hold On To Your Love - Shaboom
- Solomonic Sound ­ Children Of Israel - Shaboom
- Marcus Nikolai ­ Bushes - Classic


- Urb Mix Flammable Liquid ­ Planet
- United DJs of American Vol.5 ­ DMC
- Unlock Your Mind ­ Moonshine
- House Music Movement ­ Mastertones
- Song About Love & Understanding ­ Imperial Dub
- Sounds You Can Feel - Classic

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