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Export Quality
Groovy Sounds / Times Square Records


1. Blessings
2. Elephant Style
3. Jaani Jaan
4. Keep Rocking
5. Key Diwani, Hey Diwana
6. Madras Station
7. The Sharma Method
8. Nataraja
9. West Indian Connection
10. Belove
11. Let Me Show You How
12. Jai Govinda

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Sean Dinsmore, AKA DJ Cavo, is a prolific New York based DJ/Producer in his own right, as well as the former singer/front man with the celebrated US ska outfit The Toasters, and reggae-hip hop group Unity 2. Both bands enjoyed widespread success and considerable acclaim during the late 80's and early 90's on the New York City/East Coast/US scene. But after seven years of being on the road, Unity 2 came to an end when the group broke up in 1992. Taking some time out from the scene, Sean almost became a recluse for a period, consuming his time with re-discovering his collection of old Beatles records and various other psychedelia. 1994 brought his return to the music scene with a batch of new songs and a new modern rock group, Supercuz, signed to RCA. Loop driven, bass heavy, and trippy - with a heavy dose of sitar, they brought out the influential "Judy Get Down" EP in '95. (Released in Europe and Japan).


It all began with an exploratory trip to India in 1998, and led to the realization of the new label Grooovy Sounds Unlimited (yes, that's 3 O's!) helmed by Sean and longtime collaborator and art director, Jeremy Hurley. Their association with India's foremost label for classical and devotional music, Music Today, provided crucial recognition as well as a valuable union.

"International Times", the first release on Grooovy Sounds and the second EP for Supercuz, featured Fum Lovin' Criminal drummer, "Fun Lovin' Steve", and was produced by Black Grape's Danny Saber.

While touring, Sean immersed himself in the hundreds of old Hindi Film and devotional records he brought back from India. Living with the music brought about a new Asian/Indian sound. Combining the grandeur of Bollywood with New York's street-wise ideas, Sean created a new sound, unlike that of the UK Asian Underground. As Sean himself put it at the time, "It's got a great beat and you can meditate to it!"

THE DUM DUM PROJECT came out of a studio effort over three weeks by Sean, Supercuz sitarist/guitarist Jason Goodrow, and percussionist/engineer Phil Painson. The album Desi Vibes was released in the summer of 1999, and became an instant underground hit in hip US urban centers, receiving airplay on such influential stations as WFMU and WBAI in New York, and KCRW in Los Angeles, to name a few. Considered a standard in US Downtempo and Leftfield circles, the release began to make its impression on the worldwide DJ scene.

DJ Pathaan, of London's singular club night Stoned Asia championed the track "Air India" - named after The Dum Dum Project's weekly NY Asian dance party - and added it to his Stoned Asia II compilation. The track also became a favorite at Ibiza that summer.

"The Dum Dum Project are unlike any other Asian/Indian sound. They combine Indian music with breakbeats, samples, and live instrumentation" - HIP ONLINE

"This is 'Bombay The Hard Way ' done right" - Om Malik, DESISOUND.COM


Export Quality is 'the new sound of the underground' from The Dum Dum Project. This record stands alone and seperate from all other Asian or Indian fusion music in the Global Beats arena. Its twelve evocative tracks are catchy, danceable, intelligent, and spiritual. The album is released by Grooovy Sounds Unlimited in collaboration with Times Square records, the new global beats/electronica label from the Silva Screen Records Group. The infectious track "Hey Diwani, Hey Diwana" has been licensed for DJ Pathaan's Stoned Asia III, and with a UK 2-Step remix by Outcaste's Niraj Chag, is set for single release prior to the album with a pop video also forthcoming.

The album features special guest vocalist and 70's cult icon Asha Puthli, holyman/musical original Bhagavan Das Miles Davis and Mahavishnu collaborator Badal Roy on tablas, and Tripura Sundari AKA Sharon Gannon, co-founder of NYC's Jivamukti Yoga Center, who provides the beautiful "BELOVE" message on the album.

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