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Soma UK


1. Odessa
2. Barnabeats
3. To Ya Waistline
4. Obrigado
5. Nineteen Ninety-Two
6. The Loquita
7. Diabla
8. My Adidas
9. Magnolia
10. Desperado
11. Sketch of Spain

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Scot/Swede Lars Sandberg aka Funk D’Void is the international spacefunk ambassador of Soma Records.  The Sandberg story began in Glasgow twenty-nine years ago. His mother is a classically trained concert pianist who still performs regularly. With this musical background Lars has always been absorbed in music. Hip Hop and electro were his introduction to dance music and when the acid house scene kicked off in 1988 his DJ career started. The bodypopping eighteen year old was one of the first (alongside Slam) in Glasgow to catch the house music bug. Detroit techno had the biggest impact on Lars with Derrick May's “Nude Photo” being the record that influenced him the most.

A seven-year stint as a music buyer at Fopp Records followed where he was exposed to jazz, funk and soul. He hooked up with Soma when label manager and friend Richard Brown persuaded him to hand in a demo, he duly obliged with the formidable Chicago inspired 'Jack Me Off'. Taking his name from George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic character Sir Nose D'Void of Funk, Funk D'Void was born and this seminal tune was hailed as an instant classic with its razor sharp production and jackin’ beats. His debut album Technoir was released on Soma in 1997 to critical acclaim.

A string of firing singles followed, plus the awesome more jazzy and downtempo Chaser project with long-time friend Nigel Hayes (check Game On to hear how it’s done). He has completed many brilliant remixes for fellow artists over the years, including Dutch techno bods Sterac and Orlando Voorn, the legendary Kevin Saunderson’s E-Dancer project, labelmates Envoy, Maas (no relation to Teutonic prog-breaks supreme Timo Maas), and Scott Grooves.  Most recently Laurent Garnier’s blistering ‘Man With The Red Face’ was given Lars’s unique touch.

Since the release of his acclaimed debut album Technoir in 1997, Lars has up and moved from Glasgow to Barcelona (well you would too, wouldn’t you?), taking his studio along for the ride and cracked on with some serious music making. Dos is the result of two years of siestas and fiestas. Rather than going all Balearic on us, he has (thankfully) produced an 11-track long-player of bass-rumbling brilliance that can only add to Funk D’Void’s growing reputation for consistently producing top notch techno bombs, speaker phreak-ing house and string-laden soundscapes.

The double A sides single “To Ya Bassline”/”Barnabeats” opened the account at the end of last year. Championed by Laurent Garnier, Timo Maas, Josh Wink, Craig Richards, Ashley Beedle, DiY’s Digs & Woosh and Harri (all A class players from an endless list), this two tracker of funky filtered loops and tribal beats set the stage for Dos.

From the Detroit influenced strings of “The Loquita,” “Desperado” the very jazzy electro flavored second single, and the 909 Germanic noise terror of “Diabla,” overall Dos explores many different musical styles and textures both organic and electronic.  Dos journeys even further, touching on US House (“Nineteen Ninety-Two”), a Barcelona meets Brazil soundclash (“Obrigado”), and the Miles Davis influenced, Spanish inflected finale of ‘Sketch Of Spain’. This album marks the maturation of a great producer.


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