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Create:Fixate Presents
The Optical Lounge & Audio Lab
Saturday, August 2nd
In New Beverly Hills Location

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June, 2003 

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Los Angeles, CA - Arts organization Create:Fixate presents their ongoing bi-monthly art event The Optical Lounge & Audio Lab on Saturday, August 2, 2003. Over the past year and a half all seven previous Create:Fixate events have taken place at a private loft in Downtown Los Angeles. This will be their first event at 8601 Wilshire Blvd., 9th floor, in Beverly Hills (at Stanley, just two blocks West of La Cienega on the North side). It’s on the 9th floor with panoramic views of the city; garage parking is available.

Each installment of this popular group art show features new work by some of LA’s best immerging artists along with some of the city’s finest DJs. The August show will feature twenty-one visual artists including Harvey Scott Kaner, Brandy Flower, Jason Elias and many others. Five DJs and a live performance by The Dragon Symphony, an alchemetic Opera featuring members of Dakah round out the evening (see complete line up below). There will be a free preview of the gallery from 4:00pm - 7:00pm with atmospheric beats by Jubal. The event runs from 7:00pm - 2:00am. There’s a set donation of $7.00, $5.00 before 10:00pm. For more info please visit

Create:Fixate is an organization dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging artists in a unique environment. Every two month’s Create:Fixate founder Michelle Berc curates, produces and hosts these stunning group art shows which feature a diverse array of visual artists - painters, photographers, sculptors, multi-media makers - and each show boasts an equally wonderful array of beat masters - usually LA’s finest DJs spinning everything from house to techno, drum 'n' bass, downtempo and experimental music, plus a few live performances.

Previous events have hosted between 700 to 900 guests and exhibiting artists are always very pleased with their sales. “Many people come to see the art and end up discovering a new favorite DJ, and then there are those who come for the music and end up buying a piece of art.” States Berc. By combining the worlds of art and music Create:Fixate has created one of the most successful showcases of today’s art scene in Los Angeles.

Below you will find short bios on the talent being showcased at the Saturday, August 2nd Create:Fixate event: "The Optical Lounge & Audio Lab."

The Optical Lounge -

Harvey Scott Kaner
Creating sculptures that represent our era and culture, Harvey Scott Kaner exploits and critiques the overabundance that characterizes our modern civilization. He addresses issues of sexuality and sadness, passion and contemplation while following in the footsteps of the great West Coast assemblagists, but gives new, artistic value to an object, by assigning it a different function. Kaner has been highlighted in solo and group exhibits throughout Southern California. He earned a Master's degree from USC in 1992, and studied sculpture on his extensive travels. His work is the result of years of experimentation with stone, bronze, plaster, clay, and found objects, and is inspired by his environment, nature, and by the creations of great artists who preceded him. <>
Joshua Krause
Joshua Krause's nervous illustrations stem from a fascination of popular culture mixed with the ephemera of his neighborhood streets. From spray paint to photocopies, torn paper to charcoal, his childlike characters find their way onto a versatile array of collage surfaces: tattered book covers, wood and canvas. His illustrations are serving editorial clients in magazines, newspapers and book publishing, as well as gracing galleries, CD covers, clothing and skateboards. Krause began his illustration career in New York, and has recently moved to San Diego <>.

Jason Elias                                                                        Raised in San Francisco, Caracas and Tucson, Jason moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and returned to his first love, photography. He has traveled and photographed in India, China, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand and has shot for a number of commercial clients. Jason has also written articles on photography and travel that have been featured in American Photo, Popular Photography and Nikon World. Jason's recent personal work has focused on the people and places of the third world and is currently working on a new series of portraits combined with personal statements. He has upcoming plans to return to Cambodia to do a book on the legacy of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields. Jason is also a core member of the Create:Fixate team. <>

Brandy Flower                                                                     Here's a man with inky hands. Whether he's silk screening, spraying stencils, or splashing shapes Brandy Flower keeps eyes excited. Brandy drips into daydreams as Stale Donut, flips fresh fliers as Happenstance, and spends weekdays creating covers for multi-platinum albums. Mr. Flower's most recent undertaking is masterminding a worldwide art tour. UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab cover project revives vinyl love. For a closer view of Brandy's happenings click <>.

Trace Palmer                                                                        Irish designer and artist Trace Palmer learned to blow glass in Oregon and uses her skill to make glass jewelry, pendants, rings and special designs. She has been perfecting her techniques for the last 3 years achieving a sense of depth and space which creates an illusion of perspective in her abstract designs.

She is July's “Diva of the Month” at and she has been the featured artist in the Venice Paper. In addition, Sharon Stone is wearing several of her pieces in her next movie Cold Creek Manor and she also has a private collection of Trace's jewelry. Pamela Anderson and Madonna’s daughter also own pieces.

Michelle Berc                                                                 Michelle's unlimited creative endeavors include art, photography, film and music. Recently, her artwork and photography have been her central focus. The motivation behind Michelle's photography stems from her passion for music and DJ culture. This musical passion also inspires her 2-dimensional artwork. Using design markers, Michelle creates a unique perspective, contrasting the granular structure of pointillism with the complexities of fractal design and tribal folk art. Her pieces are both organic and geometric in nature. Although reminiscent of the pop art of the 60s, Michelle's artwork contains fluidity uncommon among the 2-dimensional trend of that era. She is also the founder of Create:Fixate.

David Trulli                                                                          David Trulli has always been fascinated by technology. Technology marches through his scratchboard landscapes, ambivalent to the human stories unfolding around it. In his work he focuses on these stories, taking place in the shadows cast by the machinery of the modern age. Working in black and white, Trulli leaves it to the viewer to fill in the colors, as well as the emotions, motivations and stories of the characters within. Each piece is like a single frame from a movie, giving no real clue as to what has taken and what will take place.

Patricia Perman                                                                 "Being a daughter of an artist I began to paint when rollin’ around in the crib. I like changing my materials & styles… I like to choose a new one for every stage of my mood/life/phase. Now, painting on canvas and wood, my latest work shows portraits, which is a result of listening over and over to favorite songs. Hearing them fifty times in a row lyrics start associating with faces/expressions into my own defined portraits."

Gary Palmer                                                                         Born in Belfast in 1968, Gary Palmer grew up in a small coastal town called Holywood near Belfast in Northern Ireland. After finishing his Masters in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh he traveled the world seeking out a living from pastel street drawings which have since been washed away by the elements. During a period of some disillusionment with the general patterns in the evolution of Western civilization he moved to a remote theosophical mountain retreat near the border to Mexico. His current works refer to these travels in East Africa from Malawi to Zanzibar following the historic Slave route in search of cultures which live in a manner sustainable for both ecology and society.

Dafne Nesti                                                                         Dafne Nesti was born in Italy and moved to the United States when she was very young. She has attended many art schools with a focus on comic book illustration and cartoon animation. Her work mostly represents woman figures, as well as decorative motives and floral subjects which inspires to "Belle Epoque", resembling Asian and stained glass styles. Dafne's work is characterized with strong colors and geometrical forms.

R.S. Yeager                                                                          R.S. is a photographic artist. His work is informed by nature - the many forms and patterns, the intersection of chaos and order, the organic and the technological. He lives and works in Venice, California.

Conrad Starr                                                                     Conrad Starr is the son of a photographer and has owned a camera since the age of three. Based in Los Angeles, he showed 2002 works in his February '03 solo debut, "Your Sun is My Star" at Eastside Studios in Los Feliz/Silverlake, focusing on street abstractions in earthy to unearthly colors. Pieces from "Your Sun..." will show alongside 2003 works in this August's "Create:Fixate."

Craig Ekedahl                                                                       "Life is lived according to a rigid set of rules. Whether stated or implied these principles unconsciously affect our every action. The question becomes, ‘at what point does this operational religion become defeating and is that repression point personal or organizational?’" Craig’s multi-tiered work uses minimalist sensibilities in creating dynamics between base, sculpture and shadow to represent and explore these psychological barriers and their repercussions. The work on display at the August Create:Fixate show will specifically reflect the artist's exploration of this country’s current unquestioning acceptance of the power of institution.

Sideburn                                                                              Tavis Hord aka Sideburn is a Multi-Media Designer whose interests have always been to stretch the boundaries of art, music, and technology. After searching for old Speak and Spell toys on the internet, he was thrown into the world of Circuit Binding - an alternative hobby of modifying old electronic toys. Tavis experiments with shorting out the electronics in these toys and adding toggle switches, light sensors, touch sensors, and pitch controls to create original sounds that can be used for experimental music.

Matt DeMerritt                                                                    Matt’s favorite quote is, "See the seer."

Todd Marrone                                                                      Todd Marrone is a 29-year-old artist and teacher living in the Philadelphia area and has been creating images his entire life. Within the last 5 years, he has been fortunate enough to have sold over 400 original drawings and paintings ranging in price from $4.99 to $7,000. Todd's work has been featured in a variety of group and solo gallery shows, spotlighted on a national television program, the subject of a film festival documentary and detailed in number of recent magazine and newspaper articles. Todd has also been commissioned to create artwork for Rolling Rock Beer and a variety of apparel companies.

Martin Gee                                                                          Martin is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator based in LA. He works in traditional, experimental and digital media with a slight tendency for dark imagery. He is not a minimalist. He works with textures and layers to create a visual density. When asked to describe his current work, he replied "I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing or where this is going. We shall see." <>

Spectr                                                                                Known for his civic and artistic activities within the Drum and Bass DJ scene, Spectr uses black light paints to bring his oversized cyber-punk images to life. Influences from comics and Graffiti (as well as a steady diet of intense underground beats) fuel the intensity that is somehow balanced with a subtle sense of elegance drawn from an interest in fashion.

Jalal Poehlman                                                                    Jalal Poehlman was born and educated in Wisconsin. He has been living and working in Los Angeles for the last four years. His choice mediums are painting, printmaking, and photography.

Lesley Reppeteaux                                                            Lesley Reppeteaux is a Canadian born painter who currently resides in Los Angeles (though rarely sees the ocean due to the fact she's cramped up in her studio painting all day.) Her paintings are left of the mainstream and dangerously intriguing. They read like painted fables, revealing glimpses of another, more magical, world filled with strange and wonderful characters. Allow yourself to be enchanted with her fantastical creatures and elaborate stories they imply in the ever-changing fairytale she has created.

Joe Vaux                                                                                Joe Vaux graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in illustration. He then went on to work with the animator Ralph Bakshi as a background painter. For the past 7 years he has worked in the animation field including HBO animation and Sony animation as a storyboard and character artist. He recently completed illustrations for Harry Potter Hogwarts School: a magical 3-d deluxe pop-up, as well as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets pop-up. Joe's personal work reflects his love for the creepy and odd. He has been showing his work at various venues around LA for the past three years.


Audio Lab -

The Dragon Symphony                                                          The Dragon Symphony is an alchemetic hip-hop opera about two characters, Genesis 1 and Dragonfly who fall into a dream state and stop the world for forty days to search for the lost keys of alchemy to turn the world back to its original state of creation. They find the keys in the form of entities such as the King of Wind, the Queen of Light, Ma Earth and Flo.

The band consists of former members of Macy Gray, members of Dakah and other band. Basically superstar all-stars! “We will be performing musical excerpts from the opera, with Middle Eastern, hip-hop, and new school alchemetic sounds. The ultimate goal of the Opera is to surround an audience with every medium of art in a seamless continuum.”

John Tejada                                                                        Since 1994, John Tejada has more than 50 recorded releases to his name. Tejada has recorded for over a dozen of the world's most respected techno labels including, 7th City, Playhouse, and Sino, as well as his own 6-year-old Palette Recordings imprint. He has showcased his unique DJ skills all over the world including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and his own birthplace Vienna, Austria.

Liza Richardson                                                                    Liza Richardson hosts "The Drop" from 6:00pm to 9:00pm every Saturday night on 89.9 KCRW and DJs around the underground West Coast house scene. She recently music supervised the Mexican hit, Y Tu Mama Tambien and supervises commercials exclusively through stimmüng, a music and sound-design house based in Santa Monica. She has found musical solutions for brands such as Microsoft, Apple, NASCAR, Acura, Honda, Nissan and Motorola.

Mok & Rusta                                                                   Originally from the UK, Mok & Rusta currently reside in Los Angeles where they run, an internet site dedicated to drum and bass. Five years ago they started broadcasting "Databass", a live internet production showcasing some of the best drum and bass DJs/Producers. During the past three years they have hosted "DataBass Sessions", LA's premiere monthly Drum and Bass club and "Substance", a weekly club at Tantra in Silver Lake , which introduced new sounds from this musical genre. Recently, they've gone undercover working hard running their recording studio as well as producing their own original soundz, which will soon be released later in 2003.

AquaVee                                                                           Andrea Giardina aka DJ AquaVee has been DJing since 1992. After inspirations by such LA clubs at Flammable Liquid and Sunday Love, her passion for house music grew ever stronger. She started her electronic vinyl journey in Los Angeles and made her way down to San Diego where she frequented The Guf & Deep. At Club Post Nuclear in Laguna Beach she landed her first gig. After college in San Francisco and travels around the world, she finally settled back into Los Angeles where she has been DJing ever since. Since Oct. 1999 she has been a buyer at Beat Non Stop Records on Melrose in Hollywood. Nowadays you can hear her spinning what some might call "Deep Tech", a combination of house and techno. Her vinyl collection is such that she might be called upon to DJ a downtempo, house, jungle, breakbeat, trance or even world music set.

SARU                                                                                   Steve Branson (aka SARU, which means "monkey" in Japanese) is an LA-based DJ and producer who has appeared on over 15 electronic music compilations. SARU's first full-length album, Downtempo Dojo (Shadow Records, NYC) was released in June 2001, and another album is expected in the winter of 2003. Steve has also released several 12" singles under the name APOLLO (Silent Records, SF) and SPOOKY MONKEY (Bastard Jazz, Brooklyn). SARU is currently the resident downtempo DJ at RESPECT, LA's premiere drum-and-bass club, and operates real:time (, a streaming internet radio station.

Jubal                                                                                   Jubal has been digging downtempoed wax for five years. His music selection revolves around creating loungy and sultry downbeat vibes. Spinning is a vital means of expression for Jubal--it's a way he channels his energy and emotions outward. Jubal currently holds residency at the Bungalow Club in Melrose, Melanee Thai in West LA and the Bluebird Art Lounge where he spins for their art openings. You can also catch him providing atmospheric beats at various restaurants and lounges around LA.



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