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Earth n Bass


1. Sultan32 - "Dias Futuros" (Lando Calrissian Remix)
2. Ex-Centric Sound System - "Ebaye"
3. Manu Chao - "Clandestino" (Latino Remix)
4. Tarika - "Mandindo" (Transglobal Underground Remix)
5. Karsh Kale - "Distance"
6. Momo - "Dourbiha"
7. Kalahari Bushmen - "Soul Drummers (Celebration Mix)"
8. Temple of Sound - "Yo Afro"
9. Mohammed Abedel Wahab - "Inta Omri" (Jean Mouawad Remix)
10. Gigi - "Zomaye" (Bill Laswell Remix)
11. Krishna Das - "Baba Hanuman" (Dub Farm Remix)

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  Fabian Alsultany a.k.a SULTAN32 photo
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  Fabian Alsultany a.k.a SULTAN32 photo
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  Fabian Alsultany a.k.a SULTAN32 photo
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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.



What is "World Music" in the new millennium? Earth n Bass Vol.1 - Presented by Sultan32 seeks to answer that question. The label that once described native folk music from distant realms deserves a revision. A global melting pot of sounds and musical textures is bubbling up from the streets and exploding into new forms. Many of the new artists flying the World Music flag will embrace traditional sounds with modern instruments, dance rhythms, metal riffing and punk attitudes. They might be singing in Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Wolof, French, or English… or multiple languages at once! This hybrid is evolving as the population of our planet migrates from rural areas into the cities of the world, uniting the desert nomad and the rainforest tribesman, the East and the West, the working class hero and the intelligentsia. World music is the new popular front, representing not only the old but the new, a glimpse into the future of music and of a merging humanity. New York based DJ SULTAN32 is at the forefront of this growing movement.

"This movement has been born from a need for it." SULTAN32 explains. "People have crossed boarders, relocated far from their ancestral homes, raising families in cities where 21st century children have multiple identities that link them to more than one nation. At the current speed of globalization, the increase of different types of world music's reflect the hybriditity and intermingling and recreation of cultural forms through music. We are far from reaching harmony, but this compilation to me provides an opening into what harmony or peace might sound like."

Living in the multi-ethnic stew of New York City, SULTAN32 a.k.a. Fabian Alsultany's experience reflects the cross-culturalization that has been evolving since the days of colonialism. SULTAN32 mixes together the music of the earth on a dreamscape palette born out of the electronic urban pavement of New York City and the international rhythms of the ancient lands. Growing up as the son of Arab and Latino immigrants, and attending the United Nations International School in Manhattan as a youth, a first generation American, SULTAN32 is as much influenced by the music of the concrete jungle as the music of his ancestors. Whether fusing Arabian Electronica with Salsa, Drum n Bass and Dancehall with Moroccan, or South Asian with Brazilian his musical expressions simultaneously reflect today, yesterday and tomorrow.

While still in his teens SULTAN32 began to DJ, write songs, and develop his own musical talents playing keyboards with the New York-based "International Reggae" group 32 Tribes, and later with American Roots Reggae band John Brown's Body. He eventually also adopted the role of concert presenter while booking and promoting events for the famed NYC World Music venue SOB. While there he developed a world music Internet TV show, "Reaction Sound System," for the Pseudo On-line Network. With a variety of talents and experience to draw from and a drive to gain greater recognition for the music he loves, SULTAN32 moved into artist management and development, forming Uprise Productions and Management in 1995 as well as the more ethno-techno leaning GlobeSonic Entertainment.

With GLOBESONIC, a regular electronic-world music party in NYC presented at such venues as GrooveJet, Joe's Pub, SOB's, and Paisley, as well as the FUTUREPROOF events at Joe's Pub, SULTAN32 was successful at bringing his brand of electro-world funk to a wider audience, setting the stage for Earth n Bass Vol.1 - presented by Sultan32 album. GlobeSonic's collective of DJs have been invited to travel both individually and as a group to festivals and clubs to wide ranging locations like Berlin, Sao Paulo, Miami, Cairo, Amsterdam, Paris and Beirut. GlobeSonic's reputation continues to grow along with the influence of electronic world music, as evidenced by Ricky Martin's management invitation to work his Latin Grammy after-party in Los Angeles (which was unfortunately interrupted by the tragic events of 9/11). Sultan32 has also appeared at numerous other events including NYC's Fashion Week, Hermes of Paris (Jean Paul Goude) grand opening on Madison Avenue, Egypt's International Cairo Film Festival as well as various film premiers and other public and private parties. The popular GlobeSonic events in New York have turned into a regular gathering place for avid fans of electronic world music and those within the industry looking to explore this exciting and rapidly growing genre.

"The first sound of the world was the sound of the heart," SULTAN32 explains. This constant universal rhythm gave birth to music across the globe. "Rhythm is what unifies people cross-culturally when they're dancing together and is an essential part of life. Part of the reason why club culture has gotten so big is that the sense of ritual and cultural identity that has been a constant throughout human existence has been fading more and more in mainstream society as technology and time progress. This void is being filled to a certain degree by DJ culture. These "ceremonial gatherings" rise up to a trance like fervor, generating strong vibrational energies in those touched by the spirit, resulting in a sense of euphoria and spiritual upliftment. Ceremonial traditions and celebrations have been an integral part of most cultures throughout the world since the beginning of time. In the new millenium, many people in this country and abroad feel a lack of the sacred in organized religion and a longing for deep meaningful ritual. Club culture gives people a retreat where they can take a lil sumthin-sumthin, drink a Red Bull and vodka, dance all night, and get into the state of euphoria the human psyche craves and dance themselves into a trance. It's the same as a bunch of Gnawa guys in Morocco hitting castanets all night and tripping out. Being able to dance, trance out, and hopefully connect with 'the self' is one of the most ancient forms of human expression."

Also an accomplished keyboard and synthesizer player, SULTAN32 is a featured musician in the band Tabla Beat Science along side Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale, Zakir Hussain, and other internationally recognized musicians. The group's Live In San Francisco double CD (Axiom/Palm Pictures) is scheduled for release in June 2002, followed by an international tour.

Not one to get much sleep, SULTAN32's other (!) company Uprise Productions and Management boasts a roster of unique musical talent. The synthesis of modern pop and traditional musical influences has resulted in fresh and innovative new musical expression. Recognizing this new trend, SULTAN23 originally created Uprise as a Web-based fanzine in 1995 only to have it grow into multi-purpose management company and festival presenter. He currently has artists such as Hassan Hakmoun, Karsh Kale, Ex-Centric Sound System, and Vas under management. Specializing in music festival production as well, the company has presented several significant events, including Africa Fete '99 US Tour, the Drums Around The World Festival at the Pyramids of Giza in 1999, and the French Government sponsored Vive la World 2001 U.S. Summer Tour. SULTAN32 also selected all the bands that are touring in this summers only world music tour - Vive La World 2002 with the Godmother of Rai - Cheika Rimiti, the electronic Cuban band P18, and Afro-electro Malian artist Issa Bagayogo.

Thought he is regularly hired as a consultant for compilation CD's, the summer of 2002 will mark his debut as a producer of one with the release of his first DJ Mix collection Earth n Bass Vol. 1 - Presented by Sultan32. The CD features songs by notable world music acts as Manu Chao, Bebel Gilberto, Gigi, Krishna Das, and remixes by the likes of Bill Laswell, Transglobal Underground, Peter Kruder, SULTAN32 and more of the most exciting DJs working today. To further bring this multi-cultural vibe to the masses, SULTAN32 will be launching the web site as a global hub for the worldwide electronic world music scene. To complete the cycle of bringing this music back to the party atmosphere it thrives in he will also be bringing the GlobeSonic Earth n Bass Party - along with special surprise guests - to select cities throughout 2002.

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