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1. JoŽl - Won't Take No (Jez Colin Latin Project remix)
2. Oman Jamari - Soul & Rhyme
3. Gearwhore - Truth
4. George Sarah - Pop Up
5. ‹nkasega - I Must Not Chase the Girls

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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.



Electric Monkey Records is an emerging, independent, eclectic boutique label dedicated to nurturing and developing musical talent, from a perspective of artist creativity. EMR will become renowned for street savvy marketing campaigns, always creating an interactive relationship with retailers and consumers. Non-genre specific musically, EMR brings forth a vision of expanding the boundaries of contemporary artists and sharing their creative expressions. Independently stepping into the cutthroat jungle of the music industry, Electric Monkey exhibits character, innovation and a courageous "grass-roots" approach to industry affairs. This monkey is electrified and is about to go bananas.

Recorded music in the last few years has evolved into more than a listening experience for sale in tangible formats. With the proliferation of digital music, peer-to-peer file sharing and CD burning, the music industry is recognizing traditional exposure of music has to extend beyond finding talent, marketing and selling products. Despite the fact that technology and individual preferences change rapidly, the industry is concurrently adjusting to the decaying of old paradigms, allowing new ones to develop and surface.

Both sides of the "industry wall" have addressed opinions on record label operations and their functions. Occurrences of skewed label practices have left stigmas of the record industry as being in opposition to recording artists, as well as just plain evil. In this day and age, even the music fan and consumer feel betrayed by the industry. Whether issues relating to artist and label affairs (deals, royalties, accounting, etc.), to the retail front line (pricing and franchise monopolies), the music industry is continuously challenged with adapting to change. Changes, stemming from public awareness, technological advances and consumer lifestyles are accountable for numerous developments that have shaped the music industry, as we know it. A new paradigm is being shaped as we speak. Electric Monkey is a by-product of the unprecedented evolution that is inevitable when music media formats, broadcast technologies and purchasing options develop as they have.

Electric Monkey Records - Monkey Business 24-7
Embodying an independent spirit, Electric Monkey Records goes back to the basics with a "utilize what you have," D.I.Y. scheme. With emerging technology becoming a fundamental resource for the global marketplace, the web site, in conjunction with traditional and non-traditional brick and mortar presence, will aid in facilitating monkey business in both the physical and virtual world.

Electric Monkey Records - Our artists
EMR believes in developing and empowering recording artists. To inaugurate the paradigm shift from the previous industry trend (where artists tend to not share in the abundance of a successful project) EMR has designed the nu-model. Based on joint venture deals, that nurture and empower the artists. Every signed EMR artist shares in 50% of the profits of their release. EMR believes in symbiotic relationships, that in many ways are reminiscent of the dedication and support of a great marriage. We believe that the music industry could be and should be about the music and the artists.

100% Independent - 24-7
Electric Monkey Records is completely independent. The monkey has fortunately been blessed with an amazing recording facility named The Rec Room. The Rec Room is fully digital and analog based, with three ISO booths, an award winning open-air control room, and a great live room. Taking recording to the highest, every office in the studio location has mic panels and can be used for recording at the flip of a switch. The studio and Electric Monkey label headquarters are located in the groovy West Melrose area in West Hollywood.

In observation of the state of independent distribution, EMR is choosing to service all accounts directly (a model that TVT Records has proven to be successful). This allows EMR to really service each retailer, one-stop and consumer, in a way only 'The Monkey' knows how to do. We believe in really nurturing our retail relationships. EMR believes in a strong presence in non-traditional retail outlets, so look for the monkey. It shows up in the strangest places.

To ease the troubled music industry mind, we proclaimed our sales and fulfillment operation, EMR Distro (we got tired of the standard question, " Do you have distribution?" Our response, " we're going with EMR" seems to relax everyoneÖ go figure).

The Main Monkeys
Electric Monkey was originally conceived as a production company by singer/songwriter Michael Skloff, joined by producer/engineer Giorgio Bertucelli. The two bring an amazing amount of creative synergy and deeply eclectic humor to the company.

Electric Monkey Records officially manifested as a label when music industry veteran, motivational trainer, yoga teacher and healer Jesse Lombardi entered the 'Monkey Jungle.' Jesse, posessing both a Major (Capitol, Work Group & Sony) and Indie (Restless, Century Media, Dope Discs, SVM, Laxmi, etc.) label background along with his deeply spiritual and creative empowerment approach, became the catalyst for manifesting the label and lifestyle apparel. He is presently EMR's Vice President and General Manager. Jesse called on longtime associate Casey "Schpilkas" Dunmore who has worked for diverse companies including Macey Lipman Marketing, Restless, Century Media, SVM, and Tommy Hilfiger as well as being an award winning artist and Los Angeles producer. Casey holds the position of National Director of Sales and Marketing. Together Jesse and Casey are an incredible creative team, taking marketing and promotion to new heights. As a longtime industry veteran said at the 2002 NARM conference, "Oh my god it's the original street team! "

The executive team of these four 'Monkeys' together, are the dynamic force behind the destined success of Electric Monkey.

Electric Monkey - Lifestyle Apparel
In accordance with the Electric Monkey lifestyle, the forthcoming active sportswear line will debut soon. When you're wearing a monkey, every thing is going be OK.

Electric Monkey - The Bottom Line
As a trendsetter, Electric Monkey brings a refreshing approach to the music industry. Exposing highly creative projects that have strong musicality and sophisticated sense of production, 'The Monkey' is all about embracing the lifestyle approach of merging music, fashion and fun. If you haven't seen 'The Monkey' yet, beware because 'The Monkey' shows up in the oddest places, bringing joyful, innocent monkey love everywhere he goes. Look out, 'The Monkey' is out and is about to go bananas.

About 'First Compilation - Sampler'

The five original tracks on the first compilation sampler embody rhythmic and sonic elements to move the feet, booty, heart and mind. These tracks have been compiled to feature forthcoming Electric Monkey artists, established and upcoming artists/producers. With the notion of stylistically creating a "DJ tool" by diversifying the grooves, the appreciation of the music extends beyond the ears of DJs, to those of universal music enthusiasts.

JOňL "Won't Take No" (the Jez Colin/Latin Project remix)
West Indian by descent and raised in Paris, Electric Monkey recording artist, JoŽl (pronounced like NoŽl) possesses an eclectic style musically as a singer/songwriter and percussionist. Incorporating live percussion, horns and vocals, an 'organic house' sound personifies the original construction of "Won't Take No." Remixed by Jez Colin/The Latin Project, the production is DJ friendly and has built a 'buzz' amongst club goers and notable DJs including Marques Wyatt. JoŽl is currently in the EMR studio recording a full-length album tentatively scheduled for a fall release, which musically consists of other styles not limited to the 'house' vibe of "Won't Take No."

OMAN JAMARI "Soul & Rhyme"
Blending old school funk, jazz and hip-hop, "Soul & Rhyme" is the collaborative effort of aspiring talents sharing a mutual vision to create a hybrid soulful/hip-hop sound. Once a member of the Sony Germany recording group Poetry In Motion, Oman Jamari has returned to the U.S., setting his sights on being a solo artist. Adding to the "Soul & Rhyme" vibe is vocalist Oshe, who has sung backing vocals for artists such as 2Pac and Boys II Men. Laying the instrumental foundation are Chuck Boogie and DJ Rylo producing the grooves, to "just let the music take your mind."

Concocting an atmospheric wall of sound utilizing electronic guitars, bass and insertion of subliminal-like vocal phrases supported by dense rhythm, "Truth" emits an energetic techno-industrial quality. Having recorded for Astralwerks records, his contribution to first compilation enables the continued exposure and support of his music and talent to existing and new audiences.

GEORGE SARAH "Pop Up" (featuring vocals by Abba Roland)
Los Angeles, CA based musician/composer George Sarah is an enormously respected veteran of the Los Angeles underground electronic music scene. Whether appearing on television performing with his 'String Strio' on shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Angel, to hitting the stage opening up for Nikka Costa, his core style of blending symphonic string ambience over drum'n'bass rhythms has carved a unique sound and image for him. Collaborating with vocalist Abba Roland, "Pop Up" is a crafty exploration of swift programming, simple melodies, creating a perky vocal and rhythm driven composition.

‹NKASEGA "I must not chase the girls."
The brainchild of anonymous Electric Monkey producers monkeying around in the studio, "I must not chase the girls," is a Cajun infected dance hall track. A stew of punchy rhythms, lyric ciphers and ragged instrumentation, create a feeling of doing a psychedelic mambo with a partner. Music is thought of as fun and ‹nkasega encapsulates those feelings.

The Electric Monkey Records first compilation full-length album is tentatively scheduled for a fall release. The promotional 12" vinyl picture disc and/or CD that you received, includes a sampling of artists that will appear on the full-length release.

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