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Ley Lines
Journeys by DJ


1. Needs - Brother (Red Mountain Alchemy)
2. Hipnotic - Naima (Ian O'Brien remix)
3. Universal Agents - West of Athens
4. Shawn Ward - Cruiseship
5. Serious Malfunktion - Sing the World
6. Milk and Honey - Touch (Boyd Jarvis and Francois K mix)
7. Salvador Group - The Moon is High
8. 95 North - Jazz Ascension
9. Botella and Berardi - La Brasilena
10. After Dark Inc - Boom
11. Spice - 69 Overdrive (Timo Maas Extended Vocal Edit)
12. The Underwolves - So Blue It's Black (Heavy Manners 45 mix)
13. Smells Like Moulton Studios - Hurtin Me
14. DJ Motion - Crazy Drum (Paul Johnson Excited Horny dub)
15. Conga Squad - Freak Out
16. Seltav - SPQR
17. YMC - Blue Amazon
18. Native New Yorkers feat. Neilla - Can't Let You Go

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Tim Fielding began DJ’ing and promoting in 1985 at a dingy club in Oxford, trying his best to operate the smoke machine while mixing stuff like Talking Heads, Prince and New Order with James Brown, Hugh Masekela, Misty in Roots, Bohannon and the evolving sounds of electrofunk. He played at London’s leading club Heaven in 1986 and a number of warehouse and Acid House parties in the late ‘80s, before spinning his way around Asia and Africa.

In 1989 Tim established “Club Sandwich” at London’s Vauxhall Arches, then set up at Soho’s legendary Techno club The Brain. He toured with The Brain to New York in 1991 and to Berlin and Moscow in 1992. During this period Tim appeared at venues around the UK and abroad, cutting his teeth alongside many of The Brain’s early performers who have gone onto great things: Orbital, Leftfield, Billy Nasty, Moby, Graeme Park, The Shamen, Mixmaster Morris, Andrew Weatherall, A Guy Called Gerald, Roger S., to name a few.

The driving force behind Brainiak Records, Tim released music by such early UK electronic heroes as Ultramarine, Doi-oing, Lazonby and Infinite Wheel, as well as legendary London promoter Sean McLusky’s Live at the Brain series and eventually B-Sides, The Best of Brainiak. In 1992 Tim launched Journeys By DJ (JDJ), the world’s first DJ-mix series on CD featuring the first-ever commercially available mixes from the likes of Danny Rampling, John Digweed, Farley & Heller, Justin Robertson, Judge Jules and Paul Oakenfold - and the mix album to end them all, Coldcut’s 70 Minutes of Madness.

The mid-90s saw Tim focus on production and development of the JDJ series, restricting DJing to larger events like Love Parade, Notting Hill Carnival and Cannes Film Festival. In 1995, he produced After Hours (domestically released by Twisted in 1998), a series of laid-back jazzy House albums, and the Ultimate House Party series, combined sales of which topped 150,000 worldwide.

In 1995, Tim invested in the launch of London’s leading nightclub, The End, where he is a director alongside partners Mr. C and Layo Paskin (of Layo & Bushwacka!). He appeared regularly at the Saturday night party there – Triptonite, on Journeys By DJ tours around the UK and Europe, and on his Thursday “Dr. Brainiak” show on pirate station Face FM.

Having moved to New York City in 1998, Tim can be heard regularly at venues such as Heat, Lotus and CentroFly and Journeys by DJ’s monthly residencies in Las Vegas (Club Utopia), Mexico and Peru (Home), as well as various clubs back in the UK and Ibiza. He also contributes to a number of magazines (Black Book, Gear, Zoetrope etc) and is developing a multimedia DJ-mix project to be unveiled in 2002. With Ley Lines, Tim Fielding makes another first by putting his name on the front of an album for the first time.

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