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Thirsty Ear


1. Amon Tobin - Cirrhosis of the Heart
2. Franz Treichler - The Need Machine
3. Jay Wasco - Victim or Victor
4. Phylr - Mandelay
5. Charlie Clouser - Quick Fix
6. Pan Sonic - Kreibabe
7. Kid 606 - Shun
8. DJ Food - Suspect
9. Kidney Thieves / Sean Beavan - Grace of God
10. Panacea - Heuldoch 7B
11. Ursula 1000 - Someone Who Cares
12. J. G. Thirlwell - The Need Machine

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design by Aaron Michelson
original cover art by J. G. Thirlwell

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  Foetus photo
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  Foetus photo
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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.



I'm pleased to present to you a super respected Green Galactic favorite from the old guard - Foetus aka J.G. Thirlwell. From his woozy Wax Trax days, to remixing the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Front 242 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thirlwell has been a thriving musical influence amongst rivet heads and electronic music geeks alike. He's certainly got a rich, diverse history (visit the super informative site to fill in the gaps), but I'd like to focus your attention on his incredible new release.

This new remix album, out October 2nd on Thirsty Ear in the US under his most well known alias, Foetus, is called Blow and it's a remix of his full-length album Flow which came out in the spring of 2001, also on Thirsty Ear.

The remixers assembled for this project are an impressive array of contemporary electronic (both DJ/laptop culture AND industrial) composers. Below, please find the little crib sheet I've prepared for you.

Amon Tobin
Ninja Tune recording artist; master of twisted jazz/d 'n' b treachery

Franz Treichler
Prime force behind Swiss group The Young Gods

Jay Wasco
Reclusive twisted genius leader of the criminally ignored Johnny Skilsaw

Aka Jim Coleman, former member of Cop Shoot Cop, soundtrack composer, ambient strategist, current musical project is Audio Dyslexia.

Charlie Clouser
Member of Nine Inch Nails and remixer extraordinaire in his own right.

Pan Sonic
Influential Finnish minimal electronic duo; Blast First recording artists

Kid 606
Tweaked out much-in-demand IDM poster boy wunderkind

DJ Food
Legendary Ninja Tune recording artist(s)

Kidney Thieves /Sean Beavan
Sean Beavan has worked as producer, remixer, writer, engineer for the likes of NIN, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode.

Germany's drill 'n' bass techmeister

Ursula 1000
Aka Alex Gimeno; Eighteenth Street Lounge recording artist and renowned DJ of go-go-moderne

J.G. Thirlwell
The man, the myth, himself

And, as DJ Food so aptly put it, "Along with artist/producers as varied as The Bomb Squad, Aphex Twin, Trevor Horn, Marley Marl, Georgio Moroder, Steve Albini, Autechre and Duke Bootee, Foetus is one of the original inspirations for the way I make music today. From Foetus to Clint Ruin, Wiseblood, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, The Flesh Volcano, Frank Want or just plain ol' J.G. Thirlwell, there's a whole world in every track just waiting to Blow your head wide open."

Thirlwell completed his 2001 U.S. tour in July and embarks on the Foetus EuroTour 2001 in mid-September which snakes its way through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, the UK and Greece. The current live line-up consists of Paul Bonomo - keyboards (SNAX, Bedroom Productions, Fagbash), Chris Haskett - guitar (Rollins Band, Pigface, David Bowie), Vinny Signorelli - drums (Unsane, Swans, Of Cabbages & Kings, Foetus), Jeff Davidson - bass (Mos Def, Reflection Eternal, DJ Hi-Tek) and J.G. Thirlwell - master of disaster.

Look for "Blow Out", a large-scale live production in January 2002 in Los Angeles. Thirlwell will be joined on stage by several of the remixers from Blow for this extravagant aural onslaught, presented by UCLA.

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