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The Return of the Redline Evangelist


1. Rest Your Soul
2. Nights Like This
3. Drums Monkey
4. Fighting Talk
5. Teng Chow Now
6. Archer's Revenge
7. Trendsetter
8. The Lost
9. 10 Pounds Heavier
10. The Upside
11. Revolution Revisited
12. A Redline Requiem

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The time 1997; Action over reaction, broken beats over dark side bass, Genaside II came roaring back with the intensity of madmen. The four beatsmen of the apocalypse promised wreckage, messages from the front-line, full force cuts from the streets of Brixton.

Genaside II returned with pedigree unheard of. The New Power Generation, Rose Windross (Soul II Soul), Wu Tang's Cappadonna, Killerman Archer, PLO up-comer Othorized F.A.M. and Eek A Mouse all worked with Genaside on '96s New Life For The Hunted. On 'New Life...' GII were chameleon producers cutting up all manner of beats to mold subtle tracks for the collaborating artists. Now the rhymes of Killerman Archer and Fragile had been forced into the straightjacket as they joined the fold full time to form the basis of the ruthless, stripped down Genaside II.

The single "Mr. Maniac' poured forth the anger and fear of fractious living, returning to their massive rhythm roots with violent, bone-breaking beats and vicious edits. One of their old school tracks "Fire When Ready" from '89 stated the intent to experiment grafting vocals over cut up reggae loops, the new music picks up right where that left off. "Our music ain't hip-hop, trip hop, garage or jungle, but we invite all music forms into our house: we dissect them, slaughter them, cut 'em up and put 'em back together," declares GII production wizard Kris Bones.

The 1991 release of the classic "Narramine" was followed on Hardcore Urban Music by "Hellraiser" on which Genaside and Ray Keith used the break that turned up several years later on the Prodigy's 'Firestarter." Bootleg releases and a string of singles came on a variety of labels and by 1995 they were experimenting with the likes of The Prodigy and Shara Nelson.

Binding all aspects of the Genaside myth together, art work, song titles and lyrics is a surreal world of blackness, a complete vision with characters and events that wind through each album and beyond.

This was to be a trilogy that would manipulate all forms of media : the first glimpse into the Genaside II world would come through 'Death Of The Kamikaze' a Manga text that styles the red, black and white images adorning GII's covers bringing together the characters and situations that bleed through into the twilight of reality. Genaside II work with the artist Jazz to breathe dark life into their visions, they are working on the film that will follow as the second part and the novel that will expand the whole story and bring it to a close. After their second album Ad Finite Genaside II had only begun to get their teeth into the urban experience, but with the seminal aspects of their work once again to the fore it was the year of musical mass destruction.

Forward to 1999 and the beginning of phase two:

Following the U.K. release of Ad Finite - a masterpiece in it's own right and cited by as varied publications as Spin, Raygun, The Face, Arena and NME through to Urb, Hip Hop Connection, Mixmag and a whole host of others - vigorous DJ'ing schedules ensued. From supporting long time spar Tricky throughout his entire U.S. tour that same year, Kris Bones (now primarily the central figure within the Genaside II configuration) and his ever faithful record box would hardly have time to breath. After completing select production responsibilities with Tricky on 1999's highly-acclaimed Product Of The Environment album for Island Records - that saw the involvement of many of London's key gangland figures - Kris hit the road once again.

Late 1999 and early 2000 saw him join the renowned website MP3.Com on their tour of the U.S. before taking on the role of opening DJ for the likes of Lords Of Acid on their trek around the states a few months later. Memorable stints spent 'tearing the place down' at Green Galactic's infamous Miami Winter Music Conference 2000 three day 'SWEET" party would follow.

That year would also see him link forces with Swax, a well-known up-and-comer within the confines of London's underground drum and bass as well as jazz/funk/eclectic fraternities. Swax, after originally meeting him four years previously, lived literally five minutes up the road in Brixton and shared the same over-brimming enthusiasm for collecting vinyl in all it's various shapes, forms and flavors.

This partnership moved quickly as the summer months saw the two play alongside such high-ranking names as Todd Terry, Josh Wink, Carl Craig and Doc Martin at Kemical Equation's mammoth Expo-Center bash in Hartford, Connecticut. Kris also took care of the wheels of steel duties at MTV's weekly Ibiza after-show parties, during the summer months. The two continued to evolve their own Book Of The Beats monthly nights in Brixton that would provide an outlet in which art, film and their own DJ'ing skills (involving the strict principle of party tunes from all musical genres) could blend to form the ultimate good time experience. From the late summer months onwards, this would also transcend into monthly events at Terence Conran's Great Easten Hotel in the financial district of London's Liverpool Street, culminating in another monthly residency, this time at New York's infamous Limelight club alongside Tricky.

Whew! In addition to all this DJ activity, Kris Bones a.k.a. Genaside II has developed another "personality" to record under - King Hackit. King Hackit has already commenced work on his full length album project with guest appearances from key musical figures including: Finley Quaye, David McAlmont, Faithless' Maxi Jazz, Beth Orton, Diane Charlemagne and the Ultramagnetic MC's rap legend Kool Keith, here the possibilities presenting themselves seem pretty much endless.

Finally, Kris is set to follow up 1999's Ad Finite with the next sequel in the Genaside II saga. In addition to all the DJing Kris has completed his most ambiguous project to date, Return of The Redline Evangelist.

At the same time as involving his love of opera into the equation, a more adventurous concoction of said style mixed in amongst heavy hip hop and electro beats, speaker-blowing reggae sub-bass and harmonies taken anywhere from Latin through to classical is now underway.

Slated for a June 25th release G II's new long-player Return Of The Red Line Evangelist has found itself in the comfortable surroundings of US based record label Copasetik Recordings (home to the Prodigy's Leeroy Thornhill, Terranova, Raco and Dr. Dooom, etc.).


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