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Small Craft Warnings
Tone Casualties
1. Eternity
2. Waterlilies
3. New Love
4. Transition
5. Never
6. Stealing Seven
7. Ether
8. Oleander
9. Another Boy
10. Orpheus Rising
11. Electro-Glide
12. Small Craft Warnings

Alex Gordon Bio


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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.


(August, Los Angeles) Alex Gordon came up through the independent Los Angeles music scene of the 90's. He was one of the main architects and songwriters of Loomer, a headlining alternative guitar band influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Alex Gordon also battled in the trenches of the West Coast rap and hip-hop scene as a recording engineer working with various producers including Torcha Chamba, Kenyatta "Kilo" Williams, Daz, and DJ Pooh. Alex left the States in '97 for Tokyo working in the post-modern production of Dream Angels, featuring the Old Moscow Circus, performing alongside modern composers "Blue" Gene Tyranny and the Love of Life Orchestra's Peter Gordon.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Alex Gordon produced the tracks that were to become Small Craft Warnings. SCW is an electronic work with fragments of modernism, trip-hop, and ambience with enough of a pop sensibility to pull it all together. His work has elicited comparisons to Mouse on Mars, and Plaid among others.

Involved in the making of the record are bassist Karl Leiker whose work includes "Rev", the title track from Perry Farrell's recent foray into electronic music, drum loops from the Sugarcubes' Siggi Baldursson, and mastering from LA techno recording artist, and DJ John Tejada.

Since the completion of Small Craft Warnings, Alex Gordon has worked on a collaboration with John Tejada as well as remixes with Justin Warfield, a former Bomb the Bass team member, rapper and recording artist in his own right. He is also laying down the groundwork for the eventual follow-up to Small Craft Warnings, Warm Tuesday, which will break from his instrumental format to include vocals and lyrics.

The album, which will be in stores on June 12th 2001, is being released on Klasky Csupo’s ambient label Tone Casualties. Gordon has also released a 12" single with remixes of the title track by Alex himself, John Tejada and Justin Warfield.

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