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Rockwell Records


1. Tech Itch - Stack (Hive Remix)
2. Underfire & Negative - Biosfear
3. Dylan - Jungle Muffin Thing
4. Total Science - Jungle Jungle
5. Digital - G-Man
6. Paranoid User - Safeguard
7. Hive - Surreal Killer
8. Faith in Chaos - Possession (Negative remix)
9. Hak - Glok (Hive remix)
10. Negative - Gene Sequence
11. Future Cut - Dainja
12. John Dada - On the DL
13. Sonic & Silver - Deep End
14. Dylan - Inferno (Burnin' Up)
15. Dylan & Loxy - Stereotype
16. A-Sides - Membrane (Digital & Spirit remix)
17. Dom & Roland - Imagination (Negative remix)

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Between founding two record labels, composing original tracks and constant touring, the L.A.-based DJ Hive has emerged as a major figure in the underground music movement. His skills on the Technics are legendary, while his production skills are equally venerable.  With his first major Mix CD on the way from upstart Rockwell Recordings, the future has never been brighter for one of America's most beloved DJ/producers.

Born and raised in Washington DC, Hive made the transcontinental move to Los Angeles shortly after completing high school in 1992. The next few years were spent in the underground trenches of Los Angeles, conspiring with various emcees and producers on a variety of hip-hop projects. One of these projects would end up becoming O.D.'s Beneath The Surface, a widely acclaimed L.A. underground hip-hop album that was recorded at Hive's home studio in San Pedro, a.k.a. The Treehouse.

In late 1996, Hive formed his own independent record label, Mandala Recordings, and proceeded with the limited release (only 500 vinyl copies) of his first album, Working With Sound.  The west coast underground gave its nod of approval in the form of positive zine reviews and college radio play for the jazz-influenced beatdown. As the record gained momentum, it wasn't long before A&R reps started knocking down the door. A small bidding war resulted, but Hive eventually found a home at London Records. Winter 1998 brought the release of Devious Methods, Hive's first major label full length. A maniacal fusion of hip-hop and drum-and-bass, Devious Methods was lauded by music critics across the globe, earning Hive features in publications such as Urb, Spin, Raygun, Vice and DJ Times. His "Ultrasonic Sound" single was then licensed for The Matrix soundtrack -- double platinum sales -- further exposing the masses to the devastating sounds of Hive.

At the same time, Hive also managed to start Celestial Recordings, an L.A.-based underground hip-hop and drum-and-bass label. Celestial has emerged as one of the most respected independent labels in the underground music movement. Hive is also a founder of Vortex Recordings, a subsidiary of Celestial that was conceived as a cutting edge drum-and-bass label that would focus on dancefloor smashers. His latest production, The Raw Uncut, is a six-track triple vinyl and eight-track cd release, showcasing Hive's constant evolution in drum-n-bass production.  Already in high dubplate demand from DJs across the globe, heavyweight U.K. labels such as Renegade Recordings, Commercial Suicide and Tech Itch Recordings have all expressed interest in releasing his future output.

Meanwhile, Hive's live performances continue to leave audiences bewildered from coast to coast.  Hive completed a nationwide tour with Asian Dub Foundation, and has rocked venues from the Getty Center to South By Southwest, the CMJ Music Marathon, Winter Music Conference in Miami and the WHFS Summer Festival. Hive has also rocked many a rave, including the likes of Narnia (LA, CA), the Focus Festival (Phoenix-AZ), and the Juggernaut Festival (SF, CA). Hive is also a founder and resident of "Konkrete Jungle Los Angeles" named the "best dance club in L.A." by Rolling Stone and considered by many to be the premiere drum-and-bass venue in Los Angeles. Hive is also affiliated with the West Coast's Phunckateck collective, the world-renowned DJ/producer clique.

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