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1. You Wanna Suck Intro
2. "Acid Eaterz" by DJ Irene & George Centeno
3. "Chainsaw (The Crow Remix)" by DJ Shredda
4. "Bac To Earth (Hardcore Club Remix)" by Cosmic Gate
5. "Whiplash (Bad Habit Boys Mix)" by JFK
6. "The Freight Train" by Metal Zone
7. "The Chopper" by The Hoodlums
8. "What Time Is It?" by Terminalhead
9. "O (Overdrive) (Original Mix)" by DJ Scot Project
10. "Exploration Of Space" by Cosmic Gate
11. "Infected (Original Mix)" by Barthezz
12. "Temple Of Dreams (Dirt Devil Remix)" by The Future Breeze
13. "WOBBLE" by Aphrodite
14. "Dark Shape" by Omar Santana
15. "BLUE MYSTIQUE" by Aphrodite
16. "Street Light Special" by DJ Irene & Darren R.
17. "Special" by DJ Irene & George Centeno
18. "Shake It Up" by Night Flight
19. "SHEA NIEK (M. Shea Niek Remix)" by Kiko & Jacques Edouards
20. "EVERYBODY" by Bad Boy Bill featuring Alex Peace
21. "Disco Shit" by Two Phunk D-Lux
22. "Waste My Time" by George Centeno & Omar Santana
23. "Cookie Dough Dynamo (Spank The Pussy Remix)" by Richard F. - regular version
24. "Blazzin'" by Two Phunk D-Lux
25. "I BELIEVE" by Enamore
26. "LONGTIME" by Static Revenger
27. "In The Beginning (Ferry Corsten Remix)" by Rodger Goode
28. "URBAN TRAIN featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw (Cosmic Gate Remix)" by DJ Tiesto
29. "RESURRECTION (Space Club Mix)" by PPK

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American dance music's biggest selling female DJ, DJ Irene, has had an incredible last year, making great strides in all aspects of her career - making CDs, DJing, producing, and more. With the release of her group Pusaka's (with Chris Cox of Thunderpuss and Thea Austin) single, "You're The Worst Thing For Me" last year, she has been at the top of the Billboard Dance Chart and won an International Dance Music Award at Winter Music Conference for "Best Underground Single." She has DJed a numerous clubs and events including at Pacha in Ibiza with John Digweed, New Year's Eve on Hollywood Boulevard with Paul Oakenfold and at the official Grammy Awards after party. She released her Ibiza inspired mix CD GlobalHouseDiva 2 - Live In Ibiza to more media acclaim then ever before in her career and she has a new mix CD Phonosynthesis coming out on June 4th. Including the sales of her last release, Irene has now sold almost 300,000 mix CDs - more total sales than any other American female DJ.

DJ, artist, producer, force of nature, DJ Irene has gone from Hard House Live to a true Global House Diva. Unleashing some of the most energetic house music imaginable, DJ Irene served for 13 years as the resident DJ of the mythic LA mega-club Arena. Now she takes her energetic show on the road almost every weekend, playing at a more diverse mix of clubs and parties than most DJs, winning legions of fans in gay, straight, Anglo, Latino, all ages, and 21+ clubs, parties and raves. In DJ Irene's hands, beats accelerate and slam into audiences with an almost primal force. Her passionate fans agree that no one-male, female, or anything else-delivers the beats like DJ Irene.

Listeners will be blown away by Phonosynthesis a 29 song mix including two tracks by Aphrodite, "WOBBLE" and "BLUE MYSTIQUE," Omar Santana's "Dark Shape," "EVERYBODY" by Bad Boy Bill featuring Alex Peace, "Waste My Time" by George Centeno & Omar Santana, "LONGTIME" by Static Revenger, "URBAN TRAIN" featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw by DJ Tiesto, The Future Breeze's "Temple Of Dreams," PPK's "Resurrection," Roger Goode's "IN THE BEGINNING," Bartheezz' "INFECTED," Cosmic Gate's "EXPLORATION OF SPACE" Terminal Head's "WASTED TIME," and many more. The album also features two tracks where Irene collaborates with studio whiz George Centeno, the album opener "Acid Eaterz" and "Special."

Phonosysthesis is the realization of Irene's goal to "synthesize" this last year of her life, a year that has seen her playing with "the big boys on the big events," along with writing and producing an award winning hit single, getting out two great mix CDs, and so much more. "I feel like so much I have been working on forever is coming together," she continues. "You can really hear my growth as an artist on this album. In addition to two of my own tracks, I've incorporated breaks, drum & bass, trance and other styles into my hard style." She concludes, "this album is still the hard music my fans love, but it's grown up hard, adult hard, I'm really proud of it, my fans and new listeners will all dig it."

With her new album and the endless touring slated to continue to promote Phonosynthesis Irene Gutierrez has definitely come a long way. Irene's fans identify with her because she has paid her dues and lived the dream. After being stuck a labor filled job at UPS for 10 long years. she found the strength to leave her job and home to follow the beats in her heart. It wasn't easy, but with friends, determination, and hard work, Irene Gutierrez found her music and won back her soul. There was no magic. The ensuing years of learning musicianship, performance, production, and recording were grueling, but slowly people began to recognize that DJ Irene was something special. "Folks like Chris (Cox) wanted to work with me, and I got the chance to learn from them. When "You're the Worst Thing for Me" hit #1, I just thought of all our efforts and how being true to yourself really pays off."

DJ Irene continues to drive herself forward. "One day I want to produce for Madonna." She's smiling, but the smile is dead serious. Irene recently received her degree in recording engineering from the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. "I may not actually be doing the engineering yet, but knowing what the engineers are actually doing will allow me even greater control of the creative process." Mastering the more technical aspects of music production is not enough, as Irene returned last fall for a full time course in Piano Studies.

"It never wears off-never gets old. I've been doing this for 17 years, and I still feel as if I've just begun."

Release date: June 4, 2002

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