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Jamie Myerson
Sky City
Sound Gizmo



01. 6 Days to Go
02. Waiting in Virginia
03. Can't Look Back
04. That's How Much I Love You
05. Crater
06. Falling Down Again
07. See the Lights
08. Walk Alone
09. Sixty Six
10. Nowhere to Be Found
11. Love Can't Fail
12. Going... Gone

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Raised in a quiet suburban town in Southern New Jersey, the soft-spoken Myerson has had big musical dreams for as long as he can remember, and he hasn't been afraid to chase after them. Through persistence, a diligent work ethic and a determination to take electronic music to a new plateau, it's all led to his diverse discography of groundbreaking new music.

To understand the evolution, we'd have to go back to Jamie's initial musical obsession with the drums during his early teens. He played in several bands throughout high school, but found himself gravitating to electronics as a form of experimentation with his live playing.

Drawing influence from pioneering synth groups like Depeche Mode and New Order while vowing to find his own musical voice, Myerson immersed himself in trying to get new sounds out of his keyboards as he assembled his modest bedroom studio. While working solo, he fine-tuned his beats and taught himself how to slice and dice samples on his computer. Relying heavily on his knowledge of drumming, he perfected programming grooves and corralled breakbeats that some of the most skilled programming cowboys would fear to lasso.

Feeling confident of his work, Jamie decided one afternoon in September 1993 that it was time to make a bold move. The then aspiring 18 year old producer went down to 611 Records in Philly and met Dego, who is one half of renown UK drum and bass pioneers 4 Hero. That was the beginning of a relationship with Reinforced Records that would yield several 12" releases such as “Find Yourself” and “Missing From the Picture.”

While attending the University of Hartford as a music business major, Jamie led a double life. As his professors taught theory about the music industry, Jamie was actually living it. During the day, he was a mild mannered student; at night, he was an underground recording artisan cutting wicked drum and bass tracks. Thanks to his ability to steer clear of trends, a desire to always bring something new to the table each time out, and his fresh technical sense coupled with his consistently gut-wrenching pastiche of strings, breakbeats and keyboards, this American won fans among the fickly, highly clique-ish UK drum and bass tastemakers. No wonder Melody Maker and Mix Mag praised Jamie as a drum and bass ambassador.

After recording for Belgium's Crammed Discs and NYC's Sm:)e, Jamie signed with the Philly based Ovum Recordings camp and channeled his energies into The Listen Project, an ambitious 12-song collection which bridges the gap between all ends of the electronic music spectrum and shows Jamie's broad musical palate - one that can skillfully paint bold strokes beyond the drum and bass genre.

After The Listen Project Jamie continued working and expanding the musical horizon by producing and remixing for the likes of Duncan Sheik, Phillipe Saisse, David Poe, Karen Lehner and many others. Not to mention co writing and producing Jan Johnston's Perfecto/Mushroom LP Emerging. And he still managed to find time to create another project that continues the tradition of evocative electronic production. That project is Sky City.

Sky City was inspired by a cross-country trip that Jamie embarked on, and resulted in yet another record with musical boundaries undefined. Smooth, atmospheric drum and bass for people that want to drive with the top down. But there is another side to Sky City. And on Jamie's second cross-country journey, Sky City reveals a darker, moodier path to "the other side". Take a ride with Jamie and Sky City. See the country in a way you never thought possible. Your ears and your imagination will take you where you need to go.

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Sky City will be released on February 18, 2003 on Sound Gizmo distributed by Rykodisc. For more information, please contact Susan Mainzer at Green Galactic,323-466-5141 or or see



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