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Movement No. II: R for the NM
372 Music


1. Allakaheez
2. Rebel for the New Millenium I
3. Interlude
4. I Love You
5. Rebel for the New Millenium II

  Joshua Gabriel
Album Cover
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  Joshua Gabriel Photo 1
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  Joshua Gabriel Photo 2
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  Joshua Gabriel Photo 3
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Brooklyn-based, Philly-born Renaissance man Joshua Gabriel is set to release his second CD, Movement No. II: R For The NM on his own 372 Music label in the New Year.  The 4-song EP showcases his production, as well as DJ skills and really allows his live showmanship to come through.

Joshua Gabriel is a unique individual, which comes across in any observation or appreciation of Joshua Gabriel the artist.  Like many multi-talented artists, Gabriel incorporates samples of his own live drumming, percussion work and bass playing but it goes beyond combining the old with the new.  Everything about him is both new-fangled and old-fashioned all at the same time.  From his hieroglyphic art work (see album cover) to the way he labels his song compositions (like arrangements in a late-18th century symphony) to the use of traditional instruments as well as modern music-making machinery, he is a renaissance man for the new millennium.  “Rebel” would be another word to describe him and one Gabriel feels comfortable using (see song titles).

Movement No. II: R For The NM has already been warmly received in limited markets due to a college radio campaign, a very small press mail out and a busy tour schedule on the East Coast with a focus on college campuses.  A highlight was performing his one-man turntable/live percussion show at CBGB Downstairs Lounge during CMJ’s annual Music Marathon conference in October 2001.  Around that same time his CD placed at #8 on CMJ’s “Top 200 Radio Adds” Chart.  Some key music publications have committed coverage to Gabriel’s latest release, and earlier in 2001, BPM magazine declared Gabriel’s latest DJ mixtape as the runner-up in their “Unleash The Beats” mixtape contest.  His EP is now scheduled for a full national release in the first quarter of 2002.

Beyond his music, Joshua Gabriel also writes, creates art and is a filmmaker.  Check out his site at to learn more about his creative output.  In August 2001 his short film “V1: Get Addicted” received the “Best Editing” award at the Guerrilla Film and Video Festival in NYC and in September “V1: Get Addicted” screened at the Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video in Victoria, Canada.  Currently Gabriel is shooting his second short film, working on his 4th DJ mixtape, and is finishing up a ‘zine of artwork and writings which will be free.  He has a new show of his artwork, which recently opened at 85A art/music space in New York City.

Release date: First Quarter, 2002

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