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Nu York Nite:Life
NRK Sound Division (UK)


CD1 (Joeski)

1. Black Box Technology - Caterpillar
2. Jay Tripwire - Deep Rumbler
3. Rise Ashen - Second Wind (Blissom Remix)
4. S.W. - Move It (76 Treatment Mix)
5. Gary Blade - Gimme Your Love (Julez Dub Mix)
6. Akabu feat. Linda Clifford - Ride The Storm (Rob Rives Vocal Mix)
7. Metal Dogs - All Rise
8. J&S Productions - Te Quiero
9. Peter 'Tha Zouk' & Bruno Marciano - The First Tribal Feeling (Paul Jay Mix)
10. Marino Berardi - Do You Want Beats?
11. Jon Cutler pres. Tripmeisters - African Jive (Drum Mix)
12. Lithium - Deep Jungle (Deepest Jungle Mix)
13. Mochico - Mochico 3.5 (DJ Evil P Mix)
14. Ron Caroll pres. The R. C. Groove Project #2 - Brighter Day (Beatapella)

CD2 (Onionz)

1. Wally Callerio - My Flow
2. Taka Boom - Taka's Groove (Blakdoctor Remix)
3. Pete Moss - R U Serious
4. Kick Affiliates feat. Priscilla Ordonez - Don't Wanna Stop (Original Mix)
5. Mr G - My Farther's Farda (G's Soundboyz Dub)
6. Eddie Matos - Revolution
7. Batidos - Tengo Sed (Ron Trent Mix)
8. Onionz & Blakkat - Together Again
9. Aztech Sol - Tropicasa
10. DJ Michael Flume - Agole (Brazilian Disco Mix)
11. All Good Funk Alliance - Sol En La Noche
12. Blakkat - Hazmat (Deep Mix)
13. Blakkat feat. Mark Bell - Deeper

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Joeski & Onionz – Nu York Nite:Life is the ninth instalment of NRK’s acclaimed mix CD series, joining such truly forward thinking DJs as Jon Marsh (of The Beloved), Naked Music’s Miguel Migs, Ian Pooley, Garth from Wicked Crew, Nick Holder & Joey Negro in the role of honour.   This series is the real deal, not some overhyped, force-fed collection, showcasing all the big toons. 

Two of the hottest young American DJ/producers on the scene today, Joeski & Onionz both crafted their DJ skills on the network of New York’s legendary early 90’s underground clubs such as the infamous Limelight, Tunnel, Wunder Bar and The Roxy.  Onionz, a talented drummer & percussionist, could lay claim to being one of the youngest DJs out of NY, starting off at the tender age of 16, later playing alongside the likes of the cream of the Northeast rave scene – Frankie Bones, Scott Henry, Josh Wink, and Nigel Richards and attracting props from the likes of Doc Martin and Dubtribe for his sophisticated brand of deep, groovy, early morning house music.

Joeski started out spinning freestyle, hip-hop & disco in Queens, NY.  The duo crossed paths as kids in the neighborhood in the mid 80’s and by the dawn of house music, could be heard spinning alongside other NY future stars such as Keoki and Angel Moraes.

As producers, the guys are best known for their involvement with the 6400 Crew (along with Hipp-E & Halo of H-Foundation fame & Tony Hewitt from the ultra cool Tango label), but their edition of NRK’s Nite:Life series is no strict West Coast housey affair; the tough edges and dubbed out tribalism of Joeski’s mix nicely compliments the more vocal and Latino vibe of Onionz’ 74 minute selection.  A variety of Worldwide talent appear on this double mix CD, from Joey Negro, Jon Cutler and David Alvarado to Ron Trent, Mr. G and Blakkat.

Outside of their busy DJ schedules, Joeski finds time to run the Maya label (named after his daughter) and produce with fellow artists like DJ Chus (for the classic ‘El Amor’) and Dano (of Red Melon Records fame as Twisted Pair) whilst Onionz runs Electrik Soul and also works with artists such as Mark Bell (Shaboom) and Dubtribe.

Release date: May 6, 2002


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