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Sonic Residue From Vapourspace
Magna Carta


1. Girl from Enchilada - Attention Deficit mp3
2. Blue Mondo - Niacin
3. Led On - Steve Morse
4. Time Enough - Explorers Club
5. Osmosis - Liquid Tension Experiment
6. Dark Corners - Bozzio Levin Stevens
7. Melt - Bozzio Levin Stevens
8. Another Dimension - Liquid Tension Experiment
9. Kansas - Steve Walsh
10. Jenny Nettles - Tempest

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Vapourspace Reworks Classic Magna Carta Material on Sonic Residue From Vapourspace

Release Date February 5, 2002

In its continuing quest and mission to be an innovative and creative label, Magna Carta now presents an album of electronic remixes of the best tracks from its great artists.  Among the artists covered are Liquid Tension Experiment, Bozzio Levin Stevens, Steve Morse, Niacin, Attention Deficit and Steve Walsh. With Sonic Residue From Vapourspace (The Magna Carta Remix Series Volume 1), it becomes clear that there is a distinct tie between electronica and the intelligent music of progressive rock.

Mark Gage (who works under the name Vapourspace) was enlisted to create new music from the existing master tapes.  Gage went through numerous Magna Carta releases searching for the tracks that he wanted to remix for this project.  One year later, Gage emerged from Vapourspace with an album based on the original works but sounding radically different. Yet, throughout all his changes to the original tracks, he never added new performances using only the source material provided altered with his mastery of studio technology.

Gage has a hard time putting a label on the Vapourspace sound, but "neo-classicist electronic" is a term he thinks comes pretty close.  He is also quick to point out that he is not a "DJ".  His song “Gravitational Arch of 10” from one of his early albums was labeled as one of the most important electronic tracks of the last decade by URB Magazine.  Yet, Vapourspace relies on the original performances and a radically different perspective of what music can sound like.

Sonic Residue From Vapourspace (The Magna Carta Remix Series Volume 1), is a fresh interpretation of previously released music from the highly skilled Magna Carta roster of rock musicians.  Electronic artist Vapourspace has created new from old.  Journalists will receive an additional disc containing the original songs.  Original artist material from the following musicians:


1. Attention Deficit
– Alex Skolnick (Testament), Tim Alexander (Primus), Michael Manring

2. Niacin
- Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas, David Lee Roth),
John Novello, Dennis Chambers (Parliament/Funkadelic)

Steve Morse (Dregs, Deep Purple)

4. Explorers Club
- Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck), Billy Sheehan, DC Cooper (Royal Hunt), Steve Howe (Yes), Trent Gardner

5&8. Liquid Tension Experiment
- John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson)

6&7. Bozzio Levin Stevens - Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin, Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)

9. Steve Walsh


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For more information please contact Lynn Hasty ( or Charles Carroll ( at Green Galactic at 323-466-5141 or Peter Morticelli at Magna Carta at 716-381-5224 or



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