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1. tsbol
2. Separation
3. Paths
4. Wrong
5. It's All Coming Back
6. Pour te Parler
7. Trance Shapes
8. Connections
9. Release Me
10. Improvisations (Part One)
11. Improvisations (Part Two)
12. Endless

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There is a Zen-like quiet to Robert Miles. Sitting or standing, he has the ease of someone in balance, at peace with his music and soul.

Robert Miles has just released his long awaited album, Organik, and for those unfamiliar with his music, this is a very good thing. Miles has consistently pushed himself on a journey of examination and discovery, and fortunately, he has recorded it for the rest of us to hear. "Time to work. Time to relax. Time to reflect," begins Organik. What follows is an unblinking tapestry of hope, frustration, exploration, and redemption.

Organik might be the most compelling Miles album to date. Set for release on Miles’ own Salt Records, and signed in America by Shakti/Virgin, the album refuses compromise, either musically or philosophically. It is intensely personal, woven from Robert Miles’ struggle to remain true to his music and principles. Along with synthesizers, guitars, and voices, Organik was recorded with a 25 piece orchestra, which adds a powerful, yet human texture to the sound. At times, Organik seems to welcome listeners to join Miles and examine their lives within his music. Not all composers are this open, but this is characteristic of Miles’ compassionate nature.

Miles is best known for songs featured on his 1996 album Dreamland. Around this time, clubs in northern Italy favored very aggressive, very caustic techno. When the clubs closed, young people, still wired from the dance floor would recklessly drive off into the night. Many never made it home—at one time 10-20 deaths or injuries were occurring weekly. Miles and some other DJ’s developed a new type of music--danceable, yet more thoughtful and melodic, in hopes it would calm people down before sending them home. This style became known as "dream music" and its appeal resulted in a dramatic decline in post-club deaths. The lead track on Dreamland, "Children," was written after Miles viewed photographs his father took of children victimized in war-torn Yugoslavia. The delicate piano melody lilting over the dance rhythm was an overnight sensation and made Miles a household name throughout Europe and the world. The appeal of "Children" took Miles by complete surprise. "It was an innocent time, an innocent song. Pure. I had no expectations of its success--it came straight from my heart."

Miles’ next album 23AM was released in 1997 on Arista Records. Expanding on the style of Dreamland, 23AM took the listener on a journey from birth to death. The album was both a critical and commercial success, earning Miles further accolades as a thoughtful composer who pushes the boundaries of dance music.

Unfortunately, this quest for growth did not agree with conservative commercial marketing, and Miles decided to the best course was to go independent. Leaving BMG/Arista and management, Miles spent the next three years regaining his artistic freedom.

Ironically, that quest makes up much of Organik. Tracks like "Separation" and "Wrong" allude to breaking with an expected path in search of something new. The Miles of Organik is perhaps not so innocent as before, but wiser, and perhaps with greater appreciation for beauty wherever is it found. Along with dream music, Miles is known for techno, trance, and drum n’ bass, but within Organik, the listener can hear echoes of Middle Eastern ghazals, alternative rock, and suave spy movie soundtracks. And Miles himself reaffirms his optimism as "That Small Bubble of Life Floating on a Sea of Nothing" becomes "Endless," a music destined to continue forever.

Through it all, his fans have steadfastly supported Miles; this has been a source of artistic and spiritual strength. "When someone sends me an email, or tells me in person that my music has connected with them, helped them through difficult emotions—there is no feeling like it." Unlike many popular musicians, Miles actively maintains his website, and often posts on his message board, or shows up in a chat room. He even answers all his emails. Miles seems grateful and still a little overwhelmed by the warmth and support he has received from his fans.

Miles is also excited about the future of music. "There are so many talented musicians and DJs out there, working late at night, getting no sleep, simply for the love of it." He is very excited about a new contest on his website. Miles has set aside special tracks that young and unknown producers can download off of his site and remix. Miles will listen to the remixes, select his 2 favorite tracks, and award the producers $3000 each. Even better, each track will be released worldwide, giving the winners unprecedented exposure and opportunities.

And for Miles? He smiles as he ponders his future. He would like to do movie soundtracks, nodding appreciatively when Italian legend Ennio Morricone is mentioned. He is also interested in the possibilities opened up by the Internet, and new media technology. But regardless of the future, he knows one thing, "I am an artist. I speak through my music. Whatever I do, the music will be there, growing, learning. Endless."

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