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Moon Theory
Ursa Minor Arts & Media


1. Insomnia
2. Thirst No More
3. Momentary
4. Feed Your Master
5. Hunger
6. Rhyme & Reason
7. Blasphemy
8. Mother
9. Ruins
10. Shapeshifter
11. Primeval
12. Savior

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Moon Theory is an engaging synthesis of rock grooves, trip-hop, and electronic. Very catchy songwriting and futuristic production are complemented by the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Kaeti O'Ghara, whose silky voice offers both allure and versatility. Equally impressive are Moon Theory's lyrics that somehow manage to convey deep meaning without being cerebral - transporting the listener to a colorful world rich in imagery, color and antiquity.

Supporting and accentuating Kaeti's vocals are the alchemical electronic beats and guitars performed by producer TSO. From down-tempo and intoxicating to aggressive, the music communicates with a distinctive personality. The stylish blend of digital wizardry, dark driving hip-hop elements, and psychedelic permutations make Moon Theory great fun to get lost in, while a clear undercurrent of earthen magic and social relevance offer refreshing and compelling depth.

Fans of Garbage, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead etc. will certainly enjoy Moon Theory, as will anyone who requires accessible melodies with their potent doses of futuristic chaos and gothic sensuality.

Moon Theory began simply as a study in trip-hop imbued with rock songwriting sensibilities, and evolved into a surprising interplay of various polarities such as the coming together of shamanic imagery with scientific influences. This unusual coalescence is most obvious in the lyrics - "Shapeshifter" being a prime example - yet is also prevalent in the soundscape iteself, such as the song "Mother" with its weaving of organic and electronic elements. Also striking is Moon Theory's poignant philosophical commentary as evidenced in the song "Feed Your Master" - a powerful and intensely disturbing satire of corporate media manipulation and consumerism.

Moon Theory's self-titled debut album will be released by Ursa Minor on February 12, 2002. Based in San Francisco, Moon Theory are currently performing live in support of the album with a second release being planned. Recent news can be found at

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