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Mimi + Boyd - Angular Island
Antenna Farm - Fog/Splinter Tracks
Kit Clayton - Live on Shortwave Radio
Daedelus - Her's Is > [Sic]
Dntel - Early Works For Me if it Works for You
Libythth - Dizzolve a Diamond
MVFS - 95-99
Phthalocyanine - Zacks

Jason Potratz - Transfer
Sistol - Sistol

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Oil Paintings by Dmitri Fergadis
Abstract Painting 1
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"The danger is in the neatness of identifications"
-Samuel Beckett

In the world of electronic music there are few record labels more experimentally extreme than Phthalo.

But Phthalo is more than a record label. Phthalo is a vehicle for expression, in music, of the only reality we live in and too often fail to recognize as such.

Phthalo artists are stylistically diverse and unclassifiable, yet they share in common this full-throttle, all-inclusive, fearless vision of the way things really are.

Phthalo music is music that demands to be met on its own terms, music that lives in defiance of all category, music that deconstructs every presumption and opinion, music that calls into question the preconceived notions listeners inevitably bring to the experience of listening, music that dismisses such tired concepts as "old" and "new" and operates exclusively in the "now."

The brainchild of artist/composer Dimitri Fergadis (AKA Phthalocyanine), Phthalo officially embarked in 1997 in order to launch the adventurous Phthalocyanine project Navy Warship. Like a warning shot across the mainstream's quarter-deck, Fergadis' original intention was "to create a new idiom, or at least a new type of comment on idiom." Steering clear of both the narrow strictures of academic music and the dance-happy inanity of the club/rave scene, Fergadis seeks music that is relevant only outside the consensus aesthetic, or what he calls "herd dynamics," that tendency to like what we've been told to like, living in a kind of "magnetized state," drawn primarily to what is familiar.

Contrary to this habitual behavior, Phthalo artists must be technicians of timelessness, pointers, sayers, engaged in an absolutely faithful relationship with the truth, working with, as Fergadis puts it, "no settlement for the next best or for the halfway. This is the abandonment of halfway."

Many of todays's fastest rising artists began their recording careers on the Phthalo label. Phthalo was the first label to release DNTEL, whose reputation is currently in a huge crescendo. Phthalo was also one of the first labels to receive demo recordings from Vladislav Delay, and his "Sistol" project was one of the first, if not THE first release of his publicly available, another significant world premiere brought to you by Phthalo. In addition, Phthalo issued the debut recording of Daedelus who is now on his way to Plug Research fame and fortune. And Phthalo acts Eight Frozen Modules, Jason Potratz, and Terminal 11 are all on the verge of breaking through to wider audiences as well. Phthalo is always out in front, mining the future and reporting back, making accessible these field recordings of nature in all her digital ubiquity.

O.S.T. is probably the archetypal Phthalo artist, as Fergadis describes him, "reckless, austere, prolific, no catering, offensive to the refined, the opposite of refined in fact: raw, unprocessed, gut-level, bestial, heavy, hard, obsessive, driven by an apperception beyond compare of the process through which the ears simultaneously organize the current moment and anticipate the next one coming."

Other Phthalo artists include Gerald Wenzel, with his Csound research, a programming environment which is a direct descendent of the famed Music N languages associated with Columbia, Princeton, and Bell Labs research, and Robert Merlak, whose Italian Acid Techno-meets-Videogame soundtrack sound stylings go on a "digression with no return." R.I.S.D alumnus Libythth is a purveyor of post-I.D.M. "houseabilly clown rave spasms," the funniest music you will ever dance to and then go home and think about for days afterward.

The Phthalo stable also boasts such luminaries as Massaccesi, Vid (mastermind of the Incomplet label), Wobbly, and Jay Cloidt, a veteran composer, sometimes heralded as "the Spike Jones of the Bay Area new music scene," a world-class talent from whom the famed Kronos Quartet have commissioned music.

The most recent Phthalo triumph has been the addition of Mark Gage (AKA Vapourspace) to the label's roster, a legendary and historic figure in the dance music scene, one whose influence is heard throughout much of the electronic dance music being created today.

Under the aegis of the forward-thinking Fergadis, the Phthalo story is epic and ongoing, impelled by a willingness to recognize what is impossible and do it anyway. This requires wide ears and an open mind.

Phthalo unfurls its sails overdramatically, primed to explore the next uncharted sea, armed with trumpets, both to beckon and forewarn, an invitation to the imminent demolition of boundaries and boundedness.

Welcome to Phthalo, a paradise of possibility.

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We love Barry Smolin! Thanx for writing this informative Phthalo bio.


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