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1. This Time riversa rotation mix
2, Dreamland thunderball mix
3. Innocent lovesky's confuse me with fear mix
4. Differently funky transport mix
5. Hey! Star City tetris mix
6. Shame hakan lidbo mix
7. Drifting Off fluter avgare mix
8. Innocent king britt's scuba mix
9. This Time s-25 mix
10. Imprisoned Glitch doctorlive's concrete massage mix
11. Differently neon heights ruffer than ruff mix

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"I remember reading some magazine that said that everybody wants to be a guitar hero and no one wants to be an engineer or producer. I was like, 'What are you talking about? That's what I want to be!'" - Michael Donaldson a.k.a. Q-Burns Abstract Message

Growing up in a small town in central Louisiana in the late '70s, there wasn't a lot for a young kid to do besides the usual distractions of TV, video games and dreaming of becoming a sports hero or rock n roll star. That was until one day when 10-year-old Michael Donaldson was given a copy of The Beach Boys Pet Sounds album by his mother. No doubt it was the incessant playing of this album on his old turntable that planted the seeds of a producer in young Michael. Within four years, Michael was already mastering a four-track recorder, while other kids were blowing their allowances on their first electric guitar lessons.

Since those early years, Michael Donaldson, better known as Q-Burns Abstract Message, has grown to become one of America's top DJs. While touring regularly across the country and throughout the world with the likes of Fatboy Slim, Josh Wink, Chemical Brothers, Gus Gus and Lo Fidelity All-Stars, he has also released a slew of 12"s, a compilation album of singles, Oeuvre, and his debut album, Feng Shui.

Yet, Donaldson still sees himself as a producer rather than a DJ or "recording artist." His skills in this area have already made him a highly sought-after remixer, having produced remixes for artists as diverse as The Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Faith No More, Rabbit In The Moon and even Britney Spears. More recently, Q-Burns Abstract Message was chosen among a short list of top producers, which included Sade collaborator Andrew Hale, Morcheeba, and Yellow Magic Orchestra member Sohichiro Suzuki to produce several tracks for the new Jim White album, No Such Place (Luaka Bop). Even David Byrne has stated that he believes the Q-Burns Abstract Message produced tracks are among the best on the album. Jim White also complimented Donaldson's production work in Billboard: "He's real smart and knows what he wants to do and how to do it."

With his 2001 album Invisible Airline, Donaldson realized his life vision as a producer by delivering an album that reflects the experience of his many years as DJ, musician, remixer and, of course, producer. The album's title is a metaphor for the mind trip it takes you on, exploring places and glimpsing into people's lives; people that don't actually exist. A trip minus the turbulence and plastic-wrapped, single-serving food of a real airline. The remix version of the album Re-Routed set for release in May 2002 takes the listener on an even further trip, deep into the heart of the groove.

Invisible Airline showcased a new direction from Donaldson's previous work and features the vocal talents of Lisa Shaw, one of America's top house vocalists (and a favorite of Madonna). Instead of a pure electronic dance record, Donaldson took a classic producer approach by assembling a band to realize his music, blending the organic with the electronic so that the listener cannot tell what is what. With a nod to New Order and other bands that mixed guitars with synthesizers, Q-Burns Abstract Message created a sound that acknowledges its origins in the electronic/dance community while remaining fully accessible to a more pure pop audience. The almost folk-like songwriting compliments the direction and feel of the album's electronic, yet organic-sounding soul. Even Lisa Shaw's contributions are given the Q-Burns Abstract Message touch so that her approach, style and phrasings are different for each of the tracks.

With Re-Routed Q-Burns Abstract Message has taken a number of the top underground DJs and producers on the trip with him. Top underground hits from the album including the Lisa Shaw track "Shame" reworked electro-stylee by Swedish producer Hakan Lidbo, know for his current excellence in the tech house scene, as well as his ground breaking work in the late '80's in Acid Jazz pioneers Solid State. Hot off his Hooj release "Drums 4 Better Days" (Michael) Lovesky give Lisa's "Innocent" a deep sexy house reworking while world renowned Philly spinner King Britt gives it a super spare minimal house redo. The third Shaw track "This Time" also gets two work outs - a rocking latin house jam by (Pete) Rivera Rotation (returning the favor Q-Burns paid him remixing his hit "On The Beach") and a full on electro mix by Q-Burns Abstract Message and fellow Floridian Grumptronix. Other super talents that have boarded for Re-Routed include 18th Street Loungers Thunderball, midland's duo Funky Transport, the Russians of Pork Recordings, Tetris, French tech-house pioneer and the first DJ on the moon, doctorolive, and prolific Nottingham DJs Neon Heights.

"There are so many moods to capture, so many sounds to hear," says Donaldson, "with the technology and tons of resources at our disposal, the only limitation right now is unfortunately time..." With Invisible Airline and it's mix companion Re-Routed we've been given a whirlwind tour of these possibilities

Additional Data:

-Based in Orlando, Florida but also partly based in San Francisco.
-Q-Burns A.M. is a rare DJ who can play a number of styles to suit the event... from deep house to downtempo, breakbeat to funky techno.
-Named one of the 100 best DJs in the world by Sweater Magazine.
-Was the tour DJ for Icelandic 4AD band Gus Gus in the Autumn of 1997, and with the Chemical Brothers for a short stint in Spring 1997.
-Toured as part of Om Records' 'Deep Concentration' tour with Cut Chemist, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Prince Paul in Fall 1997.
-Did full US tours as a live PA supporting Meat Beat Manifesto + Josh Wink (November 1998) and Lo-Fidelity All Stars (June 1999).
-Named one of 22 best American electronic artists by Spin Magazine.
-Voted "Best DJ of the Year" two years in a row (1997 + 1998) by the Orlando Weekly.
-currently on tour with Robbie Hardkiss, with a solo tour in the works for later in 2002

Q-Burns Abstract Message Discography:

"Shame" Remixes 12" (Astralwerks 8.01)
Invisible Airline LP (Astralwerks 5.01)
Cloudwatch V2 compilation "We Are Imprisoned" (Sonic Soul/5.00)
Music For Modern Living 3 compilation "Total Maza" (Lounge Records, Germany/1.00)
Earthdance compilation "Doublecross (remix)" (Higher Octave/EMI 10.99)
Feng Shui Remix 12" (Astralwerks 9.99)
Mephisto: San Francisco Plasmafunk compilation "In Cold Blood", "A Song For Peace" (Om Records 7.99)
Electric Manor compilation "Toast" (Sunburn 11.98)
He's A Skull Remix 12" (Astralwerks 10.98)
Feng Shui LP (Astralwerks 9.98)
Oeuvre Mini-Album (Astralwerks 5.98)
Double Cross EP (Astralwerks UK10.97)
Touchin' On Something Remix 12" (Astralwerks 10.97)
Audio Alchemy 2 Compilation "Robotic Dog" (Ubiquity 8.97)
Selected Material US Compilation "Brain Wormed", "Total Maza", "Uncertain T.", "Vibe Checkin'" (Eighth Dimension/World Domination)
Selected Material UK Compilation "Brain Wormed", "Total Maza" (Astralwerks UK)
Naked Tracks Compilation 12" "Smitten" as M. Deshay (Erotic City Communications)
"Total Maza" split 12" with Lickerish Quartet (Delancey Street UK 6.97)
Sunshine State Of Mind compilation "Puff The Magic" (London/FFRR 5.97)
Deep Concentration Comp. "Book of Changes" (Om Records 5.97)
Highway and Landscape Compilation "Toast" (Distance, France 6.97)
Audio Alchemy Compilation "Last Stand" (Ubiquity 2.97)
Essential Mix 4: Jon Carter Mix "Enter/Other" (London/FFRR 11.96)
Beats By Dope Demand 3 compilation "Enter/Other" (Kickin UK 11.96)
Modern Moods in Jazz "Pools in Eyes"(City of Angels11.96)
Toast 3 song EP 12" (Sunburn/Hardkiss)
Flava Lamp/A Song For Peace 12" (Mephisto 012)
Ragga Jazz Compilation "Feel The Sauce" as Dubmarine (C+S)
Enter/Other 12" single (Mephsito 009 10.96)
Darker Side Of Jazz "Mess Of Afros" (City Of Angels/Mephisto 4.96)
Subterranean Sound Of San Francisco "141 Revenge Street", "Mess Of Afros" (SSR, Belgium 3.96)
Give 'Em Enough Dope 3 "Mess Of Afros" (Wall Of Sound, UK10.96)
Mixed Emotions "Uncertain T", "Vibe Checkin" (EDR9.95/Delancey UK 8.96)
141 Revenge Street 12" (Mephisto Records 7.95)

Atmosphere "Oblivion"(EDR10.95)
Orpheos/Mephisto Odyssey "Just Like That" (Mephisto 011)
Bahamut "Bump In The Night" (Rajo 001)
Bahamut 2nd single (Rajo 002)
DJ BMF "Grandmaster"
Pimp Daddy Nash "Walk Between The Raindrops" (Delancey Street, UK)
Subhuman Rayce (Black Magic Records)
Q-Burns Abstract Message "A Song For Peace" remixed as M. Deshay (Mephisto 012)
US3 Remix for "Come On Everybody (Get Down)" (Blue Note/Capitol)
Better Daze "Modus Operandi" Remix (Ubiquity 2.97)
Dirty Beatniks Remix for "Don't Stop" (Wall Of Sound 6.97)
Faith No More Remix for "Last Cup Of Sorrow" as Bigfoot and Wildboy (Slash/WEA)
Thinkhead Remix for "The Pledge" (FFRR 9.97)
James Brown "Sex Machine" (Zero Hour5.98)
Loop Guru "Single Orphan" (World Domination 7.98)
Rabbit In The Moon "Floor.i.da" (Hallucination 5.99)
Yma Sumac "Gopher (Mambo)" for Electro Lounge compilation (Right Stuff/EMI 6.99)
Gus Gus "Very Important People"(4AD 6.99)
Supreme Beings of Leisure "Strange Love Addiction" (Palm Pictures 9.99)
Clinton "People Power In The Disco Hour" (Astralwerks/Luaka Bop 5.00)
Rocket "People" (Grayhound 6.00)
Ars Antiqua "Organum" (Atomcandy 3.01)
Doctor Olive "Rythym of Life" (Les Disques Bazoline France 3.01)
Tetris "Two Hours" (Only Records Russia 3.01)
Rivera Rotation "Dream" (Lounge Records Germany 4.01)
Iffy "Canocope" (Foodchain Records 4.01)

Jim White - No Such Place album (Luaka Bop 3.01)

Management Contact:

Gerard Mitchell at Eighth Dimension
227 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite 210
Orlando, Florida 32801 USA
PH: 407 420 4669
FX: 407 422 8895


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