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Acclaimed Video Installation Artist
Robert Drummond
Unveils His Latest Show Emotion Anamorphic
At DCA Fine Art in Venice, CA
Friday, August 29 - Friday, September 19, 2003
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Los Angeles, CA - Acclaimed video artist Robert Drummond premieres Emotion Anamorphic his latest video installation show at DCA Fine Art in Venice, California on Friday, August 29, 2003 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Highlighting new works, which explore abstraction and movement through the technique of anamorphic distortion, the exhibit will run for three weeks - through Friday, September 19, 2003. DCA is located at 219 Rose Avenue, ˝ block East of Main Street and directly across the street from the Rose Café.

Those attending the opening nights will be treated to an exclusive presentation of "Abigail Dreams" (2001), one of Drummond's most dynamic works that creates a holographic effect of a floating angel. For the opening, the artist will place this installation outside in the gallery's courtyard.

Drummond's installations employ various projection methods and sculptural components. He integrates video imagery with structural forms and evocative soundscapes. Montages are projected across resin figures, textured glass, freestanding window frames and even human models. "The ability to create dynamic environments, through the interplay of light and surface, is video grafting with more traditional forms of art," says Drummond who believes that video can transcend the classic monitor frame, becoming its own living, breathing, sculptural entity. Traveling through his video installation spaces, viewers are welcome to depart from the standard proscenium interaction of viewer and image and dissolve into a more organic universe of encompassing light beams, visceral sound and interactive, layered planes.

His two most recent installation exhibitions were at the Pacific Design Center in 2002 and his Memory Prismatic show in January of 2003. The later took place at ad agency Ground Zero, a massive warehouse in Los Angeles, hosting hundreds of visitors who were able to walk through fifty-foot projections and explore a labyrinth of installation galleries and performance spaces.

Drummond's training spans a number of fields including lighting for stage and film in New York and Los Angeles, construction, photography, cinematography, videography, sound recording & mixing. He studied sound under Thomlinson Holman (THX) at USC, electronic music with Curtis Rhodes at UCSB and then launched into digital video. "I was ready to use these wonderful digital tools to go beyond the constraints of narrative filmmaking and into abstraction. Sound had taught me how to find presence and video was the canvas.

"The first installation exhibit I experienced, featured work by Nam June Paik and Bill Viola in a small gallery space. Later I would work for one of these characters and study both of their methodologies." When Drummond moved to LA he further discovered the beauty of experimental filmmaking and had the honor of meeting experimental masters and historians such as Pat O'Neil and David James.

Robert Drummond started mELTDOWN Productions to help facilitate the production of his art and to pursue live performance video shows, architectural installations, and other various commercial horizons. He has edited, directed, and shot video for clients such as Mazda, Steelcase, Herman Miller and Red Bull. Drummond also has created video backgrounds for members of Cirque du Soliel, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, VH1 documentaries, The Mayan Theater, Cannibal Flower, club Star Shoes, and installed works in underground art events across LA. He has also worked closely with various musicians on both music videos as well as live performance environments such as George Clinton, Mount Sims and Felix Da House Cat.

Robert Drummond graduated from Vassar with a BA in Film and Drama and he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Southern California. He is credited with creating "Phoenix Crossing," the first digital video thesis at USC's School of Cinema-Television, in 1999. The experimental short has since screened at LA Film Forum, the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival, the Director's Guild, the Mill Valley Film Festival, and won "Best Experimental" at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in 1999.

DCA Fine Art recently opened its new space in February 2003. DCA's mission is to showcase emerging and vibrant contemporary art from all corners of the globe for the enjoyment, edification and social benefit of our local communities. Its unique layout includes breathtaking sight lines, a large, metal-framed interior window, and nearly 1000 sq. ft. of patio space. Gallery hours are by appointment only. There will be special weekend evening hours available for the Robert Drummond show. Please call DCA for details at 310-396-8565.

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