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Green Galactic specializes in the marketing and promotion of DJ culture. Our US success has its roots in our two, extremely well respected record pools Ė Green House Record Pool, for underground dance/house music, and Green Galactic Ambient Pool for down-tempo/minimal/abstract electronic music. Current members and alumni include top jocks such as Doc Martin, Jason Bentley, Mark Lewis, Steve Loria, Robert Oleysyck, Tomas, Swedish Egil and Danny Cosmo.

Recently, we have worked a number of excellent records to our extensive database of DJs. Some recent projects have included:

All of Green Galacticís campaigns are unique. We work closely with the client to develop a targeted and effective strategy, meeting your needs. Following are the eight main areas of DJ Promotion. Please review the following sections so we can discuss a tailor-made game plan for your release.

Commercial Alternative Mix Shows

Because of our long history in the alternative dance community, Green Galactic has excellent relationships with DJs who program and spin on Commercial Alternative Mix shows throughout the country. Better yet, many of these DJs spin in clubs and are the tastemakers among other DJs in their markets. We specialize in DJs who report to the Commercial Alternative Mix Show charts in Album Network, Virtually Alternative, and R&R. Our efforts have generated BDS spins for our clients at stations including:


Rave and Club DJs

The Green Galactic database includes hundreds of the top DJs in America who spin at weekly clubs, underground one-offs, raves, events and house parties. These DJs are the underground tastemakers in their scene, and together as a group can create dance floor hits. Through our Feedback Sheets, developed and honed over the years in our Green House and Green Galactic record pools, DJs mark their responses to records we work and forward this info back to us for compiling. Our target DJs are familiar with our Feedback Sheets, and we enjoy a high rate of DJ response through these sheets. We find the DJs responses to be an excellent barometer of your singles' potential.

Green Galactic has current contact, preference and market information for this ever-changing group of Rave and Club DJ's including the following genres:

Record Pools

Green Galactic enjoys excellent relationships with Record Pools nationwide, due to our unique position: a company that has its own record pools and is experienced in promotion and publicity campaigns. Our finely targeted pool service can increase the play and visibility of your record, helping to generate the critical mass of opinion needed to make your record a "must play."

We can service pools for you at three different levels of saturation:

Singles Reviewers

Our database also includes a mailing list of 100 journalists who review singles. These critics write for trade magazines such as Hits, Virtually Alternative, and CMJ, as well as underground dance culture magazines such as Urb, XLR8R, and Mixer. Single reviews in trades and dance genre magazines are one of the best promotional tools available in developing dancefloor hits. Interestingly, a surprising number of influential national music journalists are also bedroom DJís who enjoy the opportunity to review 12" singles.

Billboard Reporters

Though many of the records we promote at Green Galactic are not the typical vocal house tracks that normally dominate the Billboard Club Play chart, we service the Billboard Reporters because these jocks are very influential in their markets and across the US. Billboard Reporters represent a segment of American DJs with huge personal investments in DJing, and we find most of them to be very open-minded regarding what they actually spin if not in what they chart. Of course each promotion project is unique, but we find that some, if not all, Billboard Reporters should be serviced for maximum exposure.

Pop Radio Mix Shows

We have excellent relationships with Pop radio mix show jocks, again due to our longstanding presence in the dance community. Pop Radio Mix Show DJs are often the most receptive commercial ears to underground records and cool remixes and can expose these tracks to huge commercial audiences. For each project we pick and choose which jocks will receive your release because their importance in promotion varies widely according to factors including the DJís:

College and Non-Commercial Radio

College and Non-Commercial Radio dance shows are extremely influential for underground and indie releases. Further, these shows are tracked through CMJ's RPM chart weekly. Our database includes a complete list of CMJ RPM reporters, and we have excellent relationships with CMJ's RPM staff. We are extremely proactive in approaching RPM reporters and given enough product to service, we can all but guarantee you a RPM charting record.


A full DJ promotional campaign typically costs $2500 per month per release. Actual expenses (mailings, printings, etc.) are billed separately. For each project we hand pick the DJs who will receive product and promotional materials, and this usually means we service DJ's from all areas outlined above.

For a smaller or more focused approach, we will work with you on a campaign designed around some of the pre-selected areas outlined above. For this type of campaign, we charge $500 per area of concentration, with a minimum of three areas of focus.

Green Galactic

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