All Our Campaigns are Unique

At Green Galactic we are extremely effective at positioning products and generating recognition and mindshare among pop culture audiences. Targeting elusive genre audiences, such as the emerging digital culture in the US, are a Green Galactic specialty.

We have recently begun to offer online promotional services as yet another way to leverage our enormous range of contacts. Our online promotion clients have included Graham Haynes (Knitting Factory), Handsome Boys Modeling School (Tommy Boy), The Freestylers (Mammoth), the Volume 9.9 event during the premier gaming convention Ė E3, and the Stereophonics (V2)

Great campaigns come from knowing the product. And the consumer. This is more than a company philosophy; itís a promise. All of our campaigns are unique. We work closely with the client to develop a targeted strategy, meeting your needs. Following are our main focus areas in Online Promotion. Please review the following sections so we can discuss a game plan tailor-made for your needs.

Flash Item Development/Email Distribution

Green Galactic is pioneering the development of Flash and other animated emails, attachments and attached web pages. Our team of award winning Flash artists can develop interesting and unique animated items to email to tastemakers and consumers. For the Freestylers we developed a Flash mixer that allowed users to mix and scratch loops of the dance floor hit "B-Boy Stance" while watching edits of the video. The flash page also linked to a contest on Mammothís site allowing for users to enter a DJ bag drawing.

We are also able to distribute next generation emails of our design or yours to our database of thousands of tastemaker email addresses.

Message Board/Chat Room Posting

There is an enormous amount of information exchange online that does not take place via email. Message Boards and Chat areas are two of the most popular forms of group communication in the online space. Green Galactic is aware of a huge amount of sites that feature these multi-person dialogues. Our online promotion representatives go to these sites and post information on your product, resulting in engaged discussion that translates into awareness.

Link Exchanges

Green Galacticís online promotion representatives have personal relationships with dozens of web sites and are able to get links to your site put on complementary sites. These links can be programmed to link to your home page, contest page, registration page or whatever part of your site you would like to draw traffic to.

Contest Development

Green Galactic will work with you to develop an online contest program that will attract eyeballs and mindshare to your site or product. We can set up contests with retail sites, magazine sites or other appropriate sites for your product. We can have many sites participate or just one. Green Galactic tailors contests to the product and the clientís needs.

Web Cast Booking

Green Galactic has deep relationships with many multimedia studios and sites that do web casting including Sonic Net, Beta Lounge, Pseudo Programs, iXL Live, Spike Radio, and more. We are able to book your artist or spokesperson for live chats, DJ mix sessions, live performances, and audio and audio/visual interviews with these outlets. Web casts have excellent reach and are always archived so fans can see the web casts live or listen/view them later from the archives.

Online Publicity

The excellence in publicity that Green Galactic is known for extends to the online space as well. Green Galactic has relationships with dozens of magazine style web sites and can focus on these as part of greater publicity or online campaigns, or as a stand-alone campaign. Online publicity includes soliciting interviews, reviews and news pieces with magazine style sites. It also includes insuring that your product is reviewed or highlighted on the appropriate retail sites. Since many magazine sites have links to retail sites, and since positive reviews on retail sites do affect sales online publicity is an extremely effective sales tool.


Let Green Galacticís expertise and contacts in the online space work for you. In addition to our promotional activities Green Galactic has also done technology/online consulting for WEA and Raygun Publishing, and handled media for, Disinfo, and Wherehousemusic. com, among others. As a pop culture solution provider we are happy to sit down with you to develop an online strategy to achieve your goals.


Green Galacticís Online Promotion fees are negotiable depending on the breadth and depth of your desired campaign.

Green Galactic

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