Put Green Galacticís National Press Contacts and Expertise to Work for You

At Green Galactic we are extremely effective at positioning companies, artists, products and projects, and generating recognition and mindshare among mainstream, B2B and niche audiences. Generating attention in the printed media, on television, on the radio and in the online media is the core of Green Galacticís business. Green Galacticís executives have over 20 years combined experience in media relations and publicity including work for major labels Island Records and Priority Records.

Since forming Green Galactic we have spearheaded press campaigns for recording artists, record labels, web sites, films, events, books and a variety of other pop cultural items. Green Galactic regularly places stories, reviews and items in print media such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Details, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, LA Weekly, The Village Voice, Wired, The Industry Standard and Billboard. We also often have placements in the electronic media including NBC, FOX, Extra, CNN, E!, MTV, CNET, ZDTV, NPR, KROQ, WNEW, KITS, Sonic Net, Web Noize, LA Times Calendar Live!, Citysearch and many, many other outlets.

Great campaigns come from knowing the product. And the consumer. And the media. This is more than a company philosophy; itís a promise. All of our campaigns are unique. We work closely with the client to develop a targeted strategy, meeting your needs. Following are our main focus areas for publicity. Please review the following sections so we can discuss a game plan tailor-made for your needs.

National Publicity

Put Green Galacticís national press contacts and expertise to work for you. By utilizing our large database of national, regional and local outlets as well as our excellent communication ability, Green Galactic can craft a national publicity campaign that will increase awareness of your project throughout America. In addition to our deep contacts Green Galactic also has excellent writing skills we use to hone your message for national distribution. Not only are we able to service mailed press releases, kits and actual product, but Green Galactic is also able to utilize the most current information delivery technologies to get your messages out to a national audience.

B2B Publicity

Our media outreach capabilities extend deep into the world of business-to-business, trade publications, and research analyst groups. As we continue to add more technology clients to our roster, we deliver results through our relationships with the top publications in the industry including Industry Standard, Red Herring, Interactive Week, Silicon Alley Reporter, and Wired News, as well as technology beat reporters at numerous newspapers and web media outlets. We also have developed relationships with analysts such as Jupiter Communications, Forrester, and Aberdeen. As our clients' needs in the growing Internet Industry have become more complex, we answer those needs by implementing strategies that get results with top tiered outlets in all forms of media; print, television, radio, and Internet.

Through years of experience in the music industry representing major labels, distributed labels, indie labels and top executives we have excellent relationships at music industry trade magazines and among other journalists on the music industry beat. Outlets we have personal relationships with include Billboard, Webnoize, Hits, R&R, CMJ, and a wide variety of other radio trades, daily newspapers and online outlets.


Regional Publicity

Green Galactic has been very effective at generating regional media coverage by focusing on specific media areas of dominant influence (ADIs). In regional campaigns we are able to dig deep into a market to deliver audiences for events or regionally distributed products. These campaigns often utilize a combination of print, television, radio, and online strategies to saturate a market with information about your event or product.


Tour Publicity

Honed through our vast experience in supporting musical tours in the media, Green Galactic is extremely effective at covering all appropriate media for your touring event. Let Green Galactic support your music, theatrical, book, film festival or speaking tour with our excellent contacts and organized approach at all levels of local media Ė from college papers to alternative weeklies to ethnic outlets to mainstream dailies and more. For national tours we also pitch national outlets where appropriate.


Online Publicity

The excellence in publicity that Green Galactic is known for extends to the online space as well. Green Galactic has relationships with dozens of magazine style web sites and can focus on these as part of greater publicity or online campaigns, or as a stand-alone campaign. Online publicity includes soliciting interviews, reviews and news pieces with magazine style sites. It also includes insuring that your product is reviewed or highlighted on the appropriate retail sites. Since many magazine sites have links to retail sites, and since positive reviews on retail sites do affect sales online publicity is an extremely effective sales tool.

Additionally, Green Galactic has deep relationships with many multimedia studios and sites that do web casting and web cast booking including Sonic Net, Beta Lounge, Pseudo Programs, iXL Live, Spike Radio, and more. We are able to book your artist or spokesperson for live chats, DJ mix sessions, live performances, and audio and audio/visual interviews with these outlets. Web casts have excellent reach and are always archived so fans can see the web casts live or listen/view them later from the archives.

Niche Market Publicity

Green Galactic has deep contacts in a number of genre areas and can develop campaigns specifically targeting niche markets. We consider ourselves team players and are happy to bring our expertise in niche areas to play in larger campaigns and work well with your in house team or other independent PR companies. Niche areas of expertise Green Galactic has extensive contacts in include: Alternative Rock, Dance/Electronic Music, World Music, Urban/Hip Hop Culture, Jazz, New Media/Technology, New Age, Independent Film, Digital Film, Kids, the Arts, Gay Culture, the Adult industry and more.

Fees/Contract Term

Green Galacticís Publicity fees are negotiable depending on the breadth and depth of your desired campaign. Typically we require a four month time commitment as we have found that is the time it takes to truly deliver results that clients are pleased with due to publication lead times.

Green Galactic

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