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Drum & Bass Elements 01. Mixed by Sage


Track Listing
01. Soul (Fierce and Matrix rmx)  - Cause 4 Concern
02. Death Threat (feat. Busdriver) - Keaton & Hive
03. Barracuda - M.I.S.T.
04. Merge of Realities - J.T.
05. Take a Breath - Klute
06. Our House (Calibre remix) - Nu:tone
07. Resolution - Keaton & Hive
08. Resurrection - Rob F.
09. So Few Words - Cyantific
10. The Bizarre - Illformants
11. Neon Skyline - Cyantific
12. Evo Sniffer - Klute
13. And On and On - J.T.
14. Out of Time - Echo
15. Pipeline - Sage *bonus track* 
16. Static - J.T. & Sage *bonus track*

2003 North American Tour
Sage Tour

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Sage’s recent troubles and triumphs are revealed in her new mix CD due out May 20th 2003, entitled Drum & Bass Elements 01. Mixed by Sage on Moonshine Recordings. Through her extreme dedication and love of Drum and Bass she was able to handle her father’s long illness and passing while keeping her career moving forward. "This has been the most difficult few years of my life. I just feel grateful for all the support Iąve gotten. I come from a huge Irish family and honestly every single one of them would cut off their right arm for ya! Looking back, the amount of help I’ve received from colleagues in the dance music industry as well as from fans is overwhelming. I canąt help but to feel very fortunate."

Perhaps it was her musical training or just innate ability, but it was apparent from the start that Sage's musical sensibilities made her an exceptional DJ. Noel and UFO!, as founders of the well known DJ collective 'Phunckateck', immediately recognized her skills and invited her to be part of their crew.

Sage started her musical endeavors at the age of 4 in her native Kansas, with the piano. Her love of music and her talent soon had her graduating to the violin at the age of 6. Drums later became her instrument of choice as she began playing in punk bands during her pre-teen and teen years in Ireland. Having worked in record stores, played in jazz and indie rock bands, she has always had an appreciation for all musical genres. From Choir to Music College that she attended on scholarship, it was seemingly pre-destined that Sage would choose a career in music.

Still in touch with her roots, she is currently working on an indie rock band project called Meathe with fellow well-respected techno DJ/producer John Tejada, which provides her an outlet for drumming and singing as well as playing guitar and bass on occasion.

Besides being a DJ and producer, she currently runs her own record label, Phylum Recordings (one of the world's only all female owned record labels), with partner Susie Lee. With a well-received mixed CD under her belt entitled Stateside Sessions, Volume One, Mixed by Sage, and two very successful singles on Phylum, Sage continues to receive accolades from peers and fans alike.

Since 1997, Sage has been closely connected with the skateboard community. In 1999 she was approached by the world’s largest skate shoe company DC Shoes and asked to join their team of DJ's. Since then, they've featured her in 2 ads, and she has modeled for them in their catalogue. She carries the DC logo everywhere she goes as DC's one and only female representative.

This upcoming year will see Sage touring extensively around the US and Canada to promote her new mix CD, hitting some of the towns where she crashed with friends and fans on her long trips to and from Ireland.

Alongside DJ's Irene and Mea, she has been asked to participate in a documentary due out in the Fall/Autumn 2003. World Party and Moonshine Movie’s "Three Chicks and A Bag of Tunes" will outline the day in the life of all 3 women as working DJ's in the electronic music scene.
- Press, peers and sponsors all love Sage, see what they say below:

"(Sage is) one of the hardest working DJ's in the scene, it's a true testament to her character how she can travel, DJ, produce, mode, and still come off as one of the most genuine and truly inspirational performers around. With that the best is yet to come for America's first lady of drum & bass. Watch out!"
         - Chris Muniz (Urb, XLR8R, Knowledge, DJ Times)

'She has this charisma about her. Laura is easily one of the best in the drum n bass field, she rips. She's out spinning, so we're supporting a woman who doesn't just model out clothes and we get to work with someone who's cool as f--k.”
                                  - DC Vice President Damon Way

“There's an element about her that people really like, and are attracted to. I met Laura years ago at a small party in San Francisco. She has great charisma, and an amazing sense of style. That charisma shines best when Sage is behind the decks and working a club, blending hard and heavy drum 'n' bass bangers together to bring the energy to a fever pitch. Her taste in music is eclectic and discriminate, and her mixing conveys dynamic precision.”
-  Dieselboy

-  Discography (most recent first)
Drum & Bass Elements 01, Mixed by Sage Moonshine Records
Stateside Sessions Vol 1. Mixed by Sage Topaz Records
"Static" Sage & J.T., Phylum Recordings
"Sense" Sage & Elektra
"Engage" Phylum Recordings, Sage, UFO! & Elektra
"Scandalous" UFO!, Sage & Elektra rmx
"Agent Orange" Sage, Phylum Recordings
"Rapture" Sage & Elektra, Phylum Recordings
"Pipeline" Sage, Vortex
"Breath" )eibc(, BC Recordings (feat Sage on vocals)
"Divination" Sage & UFO!, Position Chrome
"Downcast" Sage, Green Label

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