Welcome to the Wonderful World of Green Galactic

More Than Marketing & Production

Our philosophy at Green Galactic stems from the dynamics of dance and electronic music culture, which is responsible for much of today's youth culture landscape. Today’s youth culture – or more accurately Echoboomers as we prefer to address these kids – are fast adopters, street smart, do-it-yourselfers that get quality and quickly parse out the inadequate.

An example of our unique approach to today’s mediaspace can be seen in our sold-out Vinyl Symphonics event where leading turntabalists performed at the world-renowned Getty Center that was a live concert as well as an internationally webcasted event. Some other recent projects include partnering with the international Resfest Digital Film Festival, producing and sponsoring Aids Project Los Angeles events, launching a clever one-market A&R awareness campaign, hosting a weekly nightclub Green Space, and architecting and developing for corporations (such as Time-Warner) the best methods to implement technology within the quickly evolving mediaspace.


The Whole is Greater Than…

New York native Mainzer came to Green Galactic via corporate music marketing and publicity where most recently she was Director of Publicity for Island and Priority Records. "As a company, we have a point-of-view," she explains. "Instead of expressing it through doing something like a magazine, we’re crafting a media company. We see that the culture of the planet is changing and we believe in the direction it's going."

Mainzer, and later Wohelski, joined Green Galactic founder Detroit area native Lynn Hasty in 1997 to develop a company that could provide an entire guerrilla marketing and production approach for various companies willing to embrace the new millennium and post-GenX culture. Back in 1993, Hasty started Green Galactic as a DJ pool (Green House) and club (Public Space) - both are still thriving. The company soon started doing electronic music promotion, publicity and public relations. Mainzer and Wohelski, a techno afficionado and veteran of the dance music industry, joined the company to expand its capabilities even more.

Gotham Goes Galactic

Welcome to the Galaxy! Green Galactic Communications’ New York office is open for business, with industry luminary Peter Wohelski becoming an integral part of the Green Galactic family. With its New York office, Green Galactic promises new levels of marketing, publicity, and promotional excellence to its clients throughout the world.

Green Galactic has earned a stellar reputation for outstanding artist/label promotions and events within the electronic dance music industry. But the firm’s rapport with younger, forward-thinking audiences has attracted such diverse clientele as Loeb & Loeb, Wherehouse Music, Wesley Snipes’ China One Restaurant, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Best Buy, and LA Mayoral Candidate Francis DellaVecchia. Green Galactic co-founders Susan Mainzer and Lynn Hasty credit Green Galactic’s success to its people.

"We don’t study the community—we’re part of it. We’ve spent our lives devoted to music, art, and film, and know what hard work and passion can bring."

Peter Wohelski joins Green Galactic as Director of Label Relations. For over a decade, Wohelski has been at the forefront of electronic music culture’s expansion and proliferation in America. Perhaps best known as A&R Director of electronic music powerhouse Astralwerks, Wohelski directly supervised the domestic development of Grammy award winners The Chemical Brothers (Wohelski won a Gold Record Sales Award for Dig Your Own Hole), as well as The Future Sound of London, Q-Burns Abstract Message, and Spacetime Continuum. Wohelski also received acclaim as Manager for Detroit techno label Planet E Communications, and as the publisher/editor of TRiP Magazine, one of America’s first techno fanzines. As a DJ, Wohelski has played to audiences worldwide, appearing in Anchorage, Barcelona, Brasilia, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, Miami, San Juan, and San Francisco. "Wherever he’s been, Peter has been a leader and a winner," says Mainzer. "What can I say? We are honored and proud to have Peter on our team."

Wohelski is already making Green Galactic’s arrival felt on the New York scene. In a span of a few months, Green Galactic has promoted events for the Tribeca Film Center, UJA, and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce as well as projects such as Nosferatu, Better Living Through Circuitry, and Gang Girls. "People sense that Green Galactic offers a true alternative to the 'usual' East Coast publicity teams," says Wohelski.

Going Forward

Remaining progressive and cutting-edge while keeping business simple, direct and elegant is Green Galactic's key to our all our projects. We are committed to finding the best way to get from one point to the next by using the latest techniques weaved with tried and true methods. "Today’s mediaspace is complex, and we're really communication savvy," adds Peralta. "We have a fast network – from street teams around the US to a sophisticated web presence - where we reach and service incredible markets."

As a collective, Green Galactic's policy is to only accept and develop clients that have quality projects that all partners truly believe in and know they can add fundamental value to – be it for hired marketing services or as a core development partner.

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