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The Message is Clear
VinylHoR Records


1. falling away
2. radiate
3. it all starts here
4. LFO child
5. a memory of you
6. let me in
7. down from up
8. dub plate nation
9. backspin
10. believe
11. trancemission

 ** bonus track

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Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.



Signal's musical career began with deep desires and dreams of forming a partnership. With true ground level passion, their hearts were dedicated to one thing... making electronic music. It all started in 1997 when Joe Khajourdorian and Ara Berberian, both musicians from an early age formed a partnership, sharing between them the desire to set the Los Angeles area ablaze. Signal was inspired by acts such as Prodigy and Orbital to go beyond the instrumentation allowed for by the construct of a traditional band. Holding on to their rock roots, as well as being influenced by hip-hop and the music of their Armenian heritage, they assigned themselves the task of combining their talents and musical tastes to create innovative, genre-bending electronic music. Attending live performances of different types of music, the duo was able to create a rock like performance to fill the holes left by other artists. Consisting of a 909, 606, MPC, Guitar, 2 mics and some keyboards, Signal is able to fully control the audience with creative, exhilarating dance tracks.

They dubbed themselves SIGNAL. Immediately they began production, experimenting with the elements of the electronic genre, creating the evolved sound and high impact tracks that would come to form the backbone of their first full-length album, On The Sonic Forefront, released in 1999. They duplicated and distributed three thousand albums independently, building relations with local record shops and performing at numerous clubs and established raves throughout the greater L.A area. Infused with new confidence from the positive responses voiced by their growing fan base and inspired by the sight of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people bouncing to the sound of their music, Joe and Ara decided to take a hiatus from performing and concentrate on producing their second full-length album.

During production, the two would join the Los Angeles based electronic music label, VinylHoR Records. Again taking two years to complete, SIGNAL returned to the circuit with what they felt was a substantial second album, a sonic landscape of intermittent explosions and reveries. The album, backed by a live show of real-time production and strong vocals, promises to satisfy the rave veteran, electronic newcomer and all music lovers. It's with growing excitement that VinylHoR Records introduces SIGNAL's forthcoming album, The Message Is Clear.


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