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Do What You Wanna


1. Keepin' It Up
2. Baked
3. All About the Mind
4. Allstars
5. Stay Away
6. Bring Some
7. Do What U Wanna
8. Familiar Flava
9. Mashi
10. Lazy Days

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Homecookin’ is one of the many noms de production of Paul Dolby.  Perhaps known best for his drum ‘n’ bass work as Seiji and releases on Reinforced, Soon Records, Bitasweet, Archive, and 2000 Black, Dolby’s Homecookin’ project is based around his love of house music, good grooves, and great songs.

Born in 1976 and raised in London Paul Dolby became familiar with classical music from a very early age. As well as classical, Paul’s early musical influences include blues, rock, pop and jazz. In Paul’s early teens his curiosity led him to the council (the English equivalent of a town or municipality) library record collection where he discovered amongst other sounds, black music.

It was in 1991 at the age of fifteen that Paul was introduced to house music. It was only a couple of years later, when a love of US house developed and his thirst for records to build his collection started. Early Smack Records productions, Masters At Work, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and more recently 4 Hero and Photek have all played their part in influencing Paul musically.

By the time Paul had left school he was already programming and was producing when he was nineteen. It was his production under the name of Disorient, ‘Just the Vibe’ on Orin Walters’ Mousetrap imprint that he gained some initial recognition. Soon after that (between 1996 and 1997), he started to produce tracks with Orin Walters and then soon Kaidi Tatham, beginning the formation of Bugz in the Attic. This was a very important and creative time with early Bugz releases such as Yasang’s ‘All Because Of You’ on SI Projects, Everyday People’s ‘What’s On Ya’ Mind’ for Evolution Records and a remix of Amira’s ‘My Desire’ on Virgin paving the way for the future.

Do What You Wanna’ is Paul’s album project. Not inspired by studio production tricks or obvious samples, Homecookin’ is Paul getting back to basics with a very musical selection of vocal house with some of Paul’s own special twists added in collaboration with the full Bugz in the Attic production and guest vocalists such as Marcus Begg and Izzi Dunn.

Paul is still involved with Bugz in the Attic and continues to produce drum ‘n’ bass under his Seiji moniker.

Release Date: June 11, 2002

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