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Statra Twelves


1. Angel
2. Angel - bongo mix
3. Angel - bonus mix

Statra Twelves Singles

Marcos Salon Presents Henksalon - Angel
Chris J - Twilight
Jay Salino - Here Is
Laurent Brondel - Parallel World
Nu Mood Orchestra - Aphrodisiac

Statra 12" Singles

Charles Webster - Ready Remixes
Jeff Sharel - Time Condition
Lypid - The Sign's Alive
Denver McCarthy - Roughage
Jeff Sharel - Tribute Final
Lypid - Stratospheric

Statra Full-Length Albums

Charles Webster - Born on the 24th of July

Roter+ - Aileron
Mr Velcro Fastener - Lucky Bastards Living Up North

Harry the Bastard Presents Club H Vol. 2
Jeff Sharel - Jeff Sharel
Harry the Bastard Presents Club H
Various Artists - Paradigm Shift

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Statra is proud to welcome the return of legendary Belgian producer Marcos Salon with this all-new 12" release on their Statra Twelves imprint.

As for so many contemporary dance music entrepreneurs, life for Marcos Salon did not start with a guitar in the family garage, but with a cheap keyboard in his bedroom. At first fiddling for fun, he soon found himself afloat in the digital domain and became a sound addict with a habit healthy enough to earn him a living.

Flashback: the Mid-1980's. It was the era of New Beat, and for once Belgium could pass for the centre of the musical universe. A regular of the then trendsetting Antwerp clubs Ancienne Belgique and Prestige, Marcos teamed up with DJ Marc Grouls recorded as In-D, a collaboration which would lead to three remarkable 12-inches on Subway Records: "Virgin In-D Sky's" (an essential Balearic scene anthem), "Bastion In-D Stress" and "Beat In-D Dream." At the end of 1989 however, the two went their separate ways. Marc got involved in Atmozphere featuring Mae-B, while Marcos recorded another record for Subway Records under the name D.I.Y. ("U Don't Have 2 Worry").

He then moved on to the Belgian label USA Import, where he started working with pirate radio DJ's Sven Van Hees and Paul Ward as Liaisons D. (named after the latter two's influential radio show). The tracks "He Chilled Out" (a influential Detroit classic - just ask Derrick May) and "Sirenas" aroused the interest of R & S Records, and Marcos adopted the pseudonym Outlander. As a solo artist, he has produced an impressive amalgam of refined and hybrid techno in the early 90's and was responsible for a number of innovative releases on the mysterious T(est) Z(one) series and brought crowds to sheer ecstasy playing live at raves in Europe and America. Later releases such as "Aural Scent" and "A New Paradigm" best represent what Outlander's music is all about: sonic bliss for the most discerning ears. And of course, you can't forget the huge 1991 hit "The Vamp", which is still one of the classics of the early techno scene, having sold massive quantities on the European continent as well as in the U.K. As part of the Vintage R & S series, "The Vamp" was re-released with new remixes by Kevin Saunderson and Frank De Wulf in 1999.

Off the radar for some time now, Salon chose Brooklyn's Statra to resurface and the man delivers "Angel", a deliciously sexy Springtime bongo driven house groover guaranteed to get dancefloors off!


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For more information on Marcos Salon presents Henksalon or Statra Twelves, contact Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic on 323-466-5141 or


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