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Talk to Me!
LEG/Levy Entertainment


1. Try'n to Play a Player
2. Talk to Me
3. I'm Not Impressed
4. Why
5. I'll Love Someone Later
6. Try'n to Play a Player (remix)
7. Peel Me a Grape
8. Have Faith in Me
9. Catch Me If I'm Falling
10. Right Face Wrong Time
11. Mary Did You Know

  Temmora Album Cover
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Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the "Birthplace of the Blues," Temmora's engaging blend of R&B, hip hop and jazz gives her work more emotional resonance and depth than one would expect from an emerging artist. Then again, perhaps this maturity is inevitable from someone who has been honing her musical skills in the church choir since the tender age of five. And though gospel is one of her many musical influences, the most significant one was her mother who recently passed away.

Once dreaming of stardom, Temmora's mother shared her love of the performing arts with her daughter, leaving her with an impressive legacy-an abiding love for music and art. A child of both the gospel and the blues, young Temmora was enrolled in ballet classes at the age of three and later studied modern dance and jazz. As an adolescent she performed with her high school mass choir and competed in statewide competitions. Inspired by her mother's dream, Temmora devoted her time to cultivating her vocal talents, developing a voice and range that would lead her to explore many different musical traditions. But it was the excitement of performing and the relationship she formed with her listeners that became the driving force behind this young artist. "I love the energy of the audience," says Temmora, who is as comfortable on the stage as she is in the studio. Fortunately, her genuine passion for music making did not go unnoticed. Temmora's natural talent, sultry, kinetic stage presence, and professional discipline soon garnered the attention of music scouts who quickly recognized her ability to excite audiences and move them with her gifted voice.

With her mother's dream in mind and years of dedication and inspired musical experimentation behind her, Temmora has spent the past three years polishing her talents as both songstress and songwriter. After a successful Southeastern regional tour, where she enjoyed jam-packed community, mall and retail store appearances as well as word-of-mouth appeal, Temmora presents her long-awaited debut album, Talk to Me. Fusing jazz, blues, country, R&B and hip hop, Talk to Me is a soulful compilation that transcends genre, gender, and cultural lines.'

In this first album, Temmora wanted to bring the energy and intimacy of her stage performances to the studio. What she offers is new music with widespread appeal. Her songs cross boundaries and meet the ears of listeners, touching them in ways that are memorable and meaningful. Mindful of this important relationship, Temmora has co-written many of her own tracks and collaborated on the production, drawing on her diverse musical background and training to experiment with the unconventional. In Talk to Me, each song is an intimate conversation, an ongoing dialogue Temmora is having with the listener. In these works Temmora sings with candor and intensity, inviting listeners to join her on a personal journey, inviting them to witness some of what she has seen and experienced.

The result is music that is as soulful as it is relevant. For example,"Catch Me If I'm Falling," a love song at first blush, Temmora sings about someone who has reached the end of the line, and yet these same words could be heard as a plea for spiritual guidance or a cry for help. In "Why," she sings with the anguish of broken promises and a relationship gone bad, and yet, she bounces back with a renewed focus in "I'll Love Someone Later," a country/blues song Temmora re-imagined with her own unique vocal styling. But relationships aren't the only focus of her lyrical terrain. Temmora exposes personal posturing in "Try'n to Play a Player" and social elitism in "I'm Not Impressed," her answer to the rampant materialism of today's hip hop culture. In all of her songs, Temmora's vocals are front and center, her emotion clearly expressed in every note and inflection. Nowhere is this best embodied than in her soul-stirring rendition of the classic, "Mary, Did You Know?" With its lush strings and acoustic guitar, Temmora has brought audiences to tears with her evocative cover of this song.

An open-minded and gifted musical innovator, Temmora brings a wide range of influences to this acoustic conversation - mixing the tones and sounds of Indian sitars and tablas, African koras, xylophones, marimbas, maracas, and other world instruments that are uncommon in the manufactured grooves that typically characterize the contemporary urban music soundscape.

Temmora is an artist first and foremost whose true-to-life lyrics have genuine and widespread appeal. Her seductive voice, with its range and soft maturity, captures audiences of diverse musical tastes and interests, making them feel that Temmora is indeed talking intimately to them. "I want you to feel something with my music," says Temmora, when asked why she sings. "I want to be the kind of artist who is always a step ahead."

And a step ahead she is. With her soft ballads and hard-hitting up-tempo tracks, Temmora is that rare artist who can do both equally well. With its diverse, eclectic musical influences, Talk to Me finally offers listeners music worth singing about.


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