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Fulani Song - Luzon Remixes
Tongue and Groove


a1. Fulani Song (Luzon remix)
aa1. Fulani Song (Ritual mix)
aa2. Fulani Song (Sacrifice mix)

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Tongue and Groove is proud to announce the release of their 7th release, Outamba-"Fulani Song", a tribal anthem from days past. Released in 1996 it became a hit from the New York tribal clubs, to the California desert gatherings.

This classic tribal tune, originally released on Eightball, gets reworked by none other than Luzon. Luzon, AKA Stacy Burket is the producer behind the 2001 monster tribal hits, Manila Sunrise and The Bagio Track. Both of which were on numerous, massive selling, compilations including the "Capetown" & "Hong Kong" Global Underground series, Sasha and Digweed's "Communicate" on Sony Music and Ministry of Sounds "The Annual" Mixed CD.

"Fulani Song" sees Luzon return to his renowned use of dark, banging, tribal rhythms. This time however, he layers the ever-present groove with haunting African chanting. Staying true to form, Luzon continues to let the sounds of the Jungle and of native people's influence his hypnotic pulsating music. It's easy to see why the worlds top DJ's like John Digweed, Sasha, Dave Seaman and Danny Tenaglia have continued to support his patented tribal sound. Very few producers these days can take a dark and hard beat and make it absolutely beautiful. TAG-07 is a musical journey into the darkest part of Africa with Luzon as your tour guide. It even comes complete with his Jungle smells.

This record is a must for the progressive tribal fans out there. In a genre that can be repetitive and soulless, Luzon can take your mind and body to places it's never been.

Track Details:

SIDE A - "Fulani Song"
1. LUZON remix:

An aggressive, tribal, and lusciously dark extended mix with a nice build up and breakdown. Just when you think it's over Luzon hits you with more of his hand crafted percussion, riding off into the African sunset on his giraffe.

SIDE B "Fulani Song"
1. The "Ritual" mix."
2. The "Sacrifice" mix

The "Ritual Mix" is the original classic that contains a tweaking synth line while the "Sacrifice" mix " has darker and deeper percussion. Side B is no slouch compared to the new mixes on side A. It will still fill your tribal fix.


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