The Transmissions Celebrate National Release of Over Wires, Their Debut Full-Length Album

Los Angeles, CA - The Transmissions, a post-punk band whose blend of tension, rhythm and songcraft could only have come from three itinerant Angelenos, celebrate the national release of their debut album, Over Wires, with a Winter, 2006 tour of the Northwest. Scary Elevator Records, a joint venture between the band and J.D. Andrew (Giant Drag, the Midnight Movies, Shoot Out the Lights), releases the album. The Transmissions will build on their wildly successful 2005 South by Southwest showcase with appearances in support of their new CD, including trips throughout the Western states. For more details, please visit

The Transmissions came together at the end of 2003. Singer and guitar player Christian Biel, drummer Denise Duncan and bass player and singer Josh Solberg came from fundamentally different worlds. Their music is a unique result. It has been compared to that of bands as diverse as the Mekons, Can, Blonde Redhead, and Television, but it defies categorization. The trio has created a new sound, a music reflecting the journeys of its members and the questions that led them from their homes of Louisville, KY, Brooklyn, NY, and Fontana, CA.

The music responds to the present as it reflects the past. Biel's angular, jarring guitar work and metaphoric vocals provide an analytic focus and aggressive edge. Duncan's subtly-shifting drums provide a motive force and questioning refrain. Solberg's polyrhythmic bass and gruff vocals reveal the band's amorphous center. The elements combine to define a world constantly changing form, thrown into confusion by electricity and entropy, with neither the ability nor the will to resolve.

The Transmissions leave everything on the stage, every night they play, performing with the abandon of three individuals working in unison to rid themselves of the world around them. Biel shudders and jerks, alternately howling into the mic and abusing his guitar and palate of effects as his mad dance exorcises his demons. Solberg grates and stares, an intensity of concentration on his face reflecting his desperate struggle to keep it all together as his fingers thrash about on his handmade bass. Duncan's cool control reflects her position as the band's enforcer. The interaction of her sticks and their targets letting the others know in no uncertain terms that she is in control, just as the other two are about to conclude that nobody is. Witnesses to these events gawk, unable to reconcile what they've seen and heard with what they know, but unable to stop watching and listening. Another song begins.

The stage work of The Transmissions provides plenty of action for the story the band is telling, while its compositions give to that tale a rich plot. The three joke that they'd have more friends if they spent less time poring over every detail of each song. But that dedication has resulted in their debut album. Over Wires, released nationally December 6, 2005, has songs as appealing individually as they are in context. From the first track, the vamp-based nervous jam, "Traffic", right through the episodic reflection on consumerism that concludes the album, "My 16," each song is new, different and powerful, resulting in an album devoid of filler. As a document of band, time and place, it is complete. It contains 11 songs:

  1. Traffic
  2. Haunt All Living Things
  3. Wear the Glove
  4. Idle
  5. Thor for Odin
  6. Creeps Me Out
  7. The Magus
  8. Another Earthquake
  9. The Devil Song
  10. Self v. Self
  11. My 16

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