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Glass Jewelry Designer


Accessorizes the Stars in 2003

Including Loyal Customer Sharon Stone





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  Los Angeles, CA - Venice, California-based glass jewelry designer Trace Palmer is enjoying a year of star-studded success as pieces from her KarmaKulture line make their way out of LA boutiques and into the hands of celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Jill Ritchie and even Madonna's daughter Lourdes. Also stylists are seeking KarmaKulture hand-blown glass pieces for their photo shoots with stars such as Carney Wilson who recently wore Trace's ultimate creation, her "Goddess" piece for a People magazine shoot. Additionally, Playboy used select pieces from KarmaKulture for a movie shoot in early August.

In 2002 Sharon Stone purchased a glass necklace from a boutique in Venice and has since had her costume designer order five custom-made pieces for Stone to wear in her upcoming film Cold Creek Manor due for release this fall.

Trace grew up in Northern Ireland in a village outside Belfast called Holywood. She moved to Sheffield, England for University, then to London and then finally to Los Angeles in 1996. She moved up to Oregon briefly in the late '90s where she developed her glass blowing techniques then moved back to LA where she founded KarmaKulture, her own jewelry line, in 2000. Her line is now carried in high-end designer boutiques throughout LA including Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Platino on Montana Avenue and Jennifer Kaufman in the Beverly Center. You can also find her creations at the Functional Art Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, the LA Art and Folk Museum on Wilshire, and the Pearce Gallery on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Visit her site at for full store and gallery listings.

When asked what goes into the making of a piece Trace replies, "I love to make a specific piece for someone… getting a feeling for who they are and then making the piece especially to fit their character. I recently met a singer who asked me to make him a custom necklace and he told me his band was just about to release their first album with some African influenced rhythms. I made him a necklace of dark wood beads from the seventies to give some nostalgia, amber for confidence and creativity, and seeds from the sacred ebony tree I collected in Africa to relate to the African influence in his music. The glass piece was a deep-perspective pendant, an abstraction of passionate, creative energy using green for peace and growth, with pinkish tones for love on a background of brown to match with the wood and the seeds. He was amazed with it because he said it was exactly what he wanted. I love connecting with a person to inspire my creative intuition."

Recently KarmaKulture glass jewels were featured at an expo at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California, the Create:Fixate group art show in Beverly Hills and the Malibu Art Festival.

Trace will be focusing on the extraordinary as she premieres her new Fall 2003 line at the following fashion show:

  • Petro Montegos Fashion Show at Celebrity Centre International (5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028) Thursday, August 28, 2003 - 7:00pm (Invite Only)

Trace is the featured Diva of the Month for July 2003 on popular online site And look for her in the September issue of Travel and Leisure and the October issue of Teen magazine.

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For more information, samples, or to interview Trace please contact Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic at 323-466-5141 or  Also, please visit